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How to get to the point where you can take off from a carrer

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Pro Member

Joined: Jan 29, 2006
Posts: 12
Posted: Thu Feb 22, 2007 8:30 pm 

Does anybody know have to get to take off from a aircraft carrier in lock on?
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First Officer
First Officer

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Joined: Sep 07, 2004
Posts: 300
Location: Pennsylvania
Posted: Wed Feb 28, 2007 10:45 pm 

Hey Abutz. This option is hard but possible. Just follow my instructions and you should be fine.

1. Create a mission; Set an Airplane (Nato or other) dont do it with the (you can but its not realistic)) A-10 or Su-25... Smile but you can do whatever. Click on the 'Add Boat' option and place the carrier in the ocean. You can make it move if you want. Set the coarse and speed. Then Set your aircraft onto the carrier. Just put the aircraft logo ontop of the carrier and click on 'Take Off' from the pull down. Then make sure you are in control of the bird, not the AI

2. Congrats if you got this far. Now here comes the fun. You will appear on the Flight Deck of either the Nimitz or the Russian Carrier. Start up your engines, turn on your lights, go FULL flaps, turn the landing light. close the canopy. Do your pre-flight check. Now you should see two lines on the deck. Those are the catapults, Line Your nose wheel up with it, and stop as soon as your wheel gets there. Good. Now put the brakes on 'W Key' and Apply Full After Burner. Hold the brake until the RPM Gage gets to 95% or until you get rolling.

3. Now that you are about to fall of the deck at about a speed of 150 kts to 200 pull up on the stick. Retract your gear and flaps and make sure you do not get a tail strike. Do not get frightened and pull straight up so your plane is completely verticle. Pull up just enough to get out of the water's grasp and you are good to go


1.Lower your tail hook!!!! most important thing, just hit 'Ctrl G'
2 On approach lower your flaps to 15% with just one click of the 'F' Key
3.Lower your gear when you are about .8 Nm out from the deck
4. Call the ball

Make sure you are coming in around 230 knots. Any slower or faster could puncture the deck. It if helps you create a flight path to the carrier just like how you would with the runway. Then select the way point for the carrier by pressing the '~' key. Once the carrier is in close distance, about 10nm out than your ILS should start going off. Follow it and all will be good.

Some sweet downloads to get for the US Navy you can find at

have a good flight. Hoped this helped.
slow is smooth, smooth is fast
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