???How to properly extract files with WinRAR??? FSX ???

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Hi there:

I'm new to this site and was wondering, how do I extract files I have downloaded from this site and get them into a fully functional aircraft in FSX. I have downloaded WinRAR and am familiar with the procedure of telling the program where to extract the file to, but am unsure of where I am supposed to extract the file to 😕 . Typically I go as follows: When I was trying to download the Harrier I highlighted the folder "HarrFSX2up2" which was already in the WinRAR file extractor window, then clicked "Extract to" then clicked, C:\ -> Program Files ->Microsoft Games-> Microsoft Flight Simulator X -> SimObjects -> Airplanes, then I go OK. The file appears to install or something, it takes approx 5-6 seconds installing or doing something and stops. From there I start up FSX and the aircraft is a no show. Any answers would be greatly appreciated. Also if you happen to know the answer could you PLEASE put it in a step by step format E.g.: A -> B -> C this will help me a lot. 😀


-Greg. H

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I didnt read your message but I can tell what you asking. When using winrar which I used to I would extract all files into a seperate folder in simobjects then planes. But this could get complicated so what I would do bro is dont use winrar. Easy thing to do is just unistall it because that way you will understand it alot easier.

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How's this.

My Computer is an icon on your desktop, double click on it.
Inside your main drive icon is "C".
Double click on that.
Look for a folder "Program Files".
Double click on that.
Look for a folder marked "Microsoft Games".
Double click on that.
Now you have a folder Flight Simulator.
Double click on that.
Laid out are all the simulator folders.
Aircraft is located in simobjects.
Follow the read-me that came with the aircraft.
You may have to put the contents of the downloaded effects into the effects folder, the same with the gauges-follow the read-me.


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Thx a lot. I'll give it a try 😎

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