737 checkride 'cheat'

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You can somehow 'cheat' on the 737 checkride, I think it is the commercial pilot checkride (I have shifted to FSX so I have forgot the name. and I am pretty sure this works) When you get the engine failure after takeoff, put your throttle to idle and switch on autothrottle. The engine doesn't really 'fail', but it is actually put on idle by the instructor. You have to put your throttle on idle because the autothrottle will not make the two engines equal in power. Basically you can do the whole checkride on autopilot. Forgive me if I am wrong, but I some how remembered this from my FS2002 days...I think! 😀

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Purpose of a checkride then? As for real life you wont even do a CPL checkride in a 737. As for an engine failure on takeoff in real life, need a hell of alot of Rudder. A system like a Thrust Assymetry Compensator (TAC) will kick in to automatically apply rudder to compensate for the lost engine.

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