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Okay as many other I've have trouble completing the instrument checkride in FSX..

I'm having trouble at the holding over SEA. I'm coming from PARKK, and heading straight in for SEA VOR, (I've tuned my vor before the lady said track the 140 radial... something, so the problem should not be that the timer begins too early)

Okay the moment I cross the VOR station I set my VOR to 140 and fly heading 140 for one minut. When the minut has passed I turn right and intersect the 140 radial course, when I get to the SEA VOR the screen suddenly jumps out to the "flight analysis page" without any explanation and then it says checkride failed.

What have I done wrong, the lady could at least give me an explanation.??




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Cross SEA VOR, Turn To 110º, Fly 1 Min, Turn Right To Intercept 140º Inbound, you must intercept it in 30 sec and fly it at least 3 sec, then cross the vor again, at 0.4 nm right turn to 140º (180º Back), fly 1 min (outbound course), then right turn again intercept 140º and cross vor, you should be clear to nolla, watch out the timers, you have always 30 sec when doing the turns to intercept the courses. Watch turn angle too, between 18 and 25.

Freeman111 Guest

Okay thx I will try that

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