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high alt flying?

Pro Member Trainee
couger Trainee

ok need help. Why when i try to fly at high altitude the plane looses its speed and then stalls dropping out of the sky. I cant get any commercial jet past 35000 ft, when i know they can go alot higher. anyone know what i might be doing wrong?


Try unloading a bit of fuel/payload under the "Aircraft" menu. You don't need 100% fuel to fly, ex. Denver-->LAX can probably be don w/ <50% of fuel. Or while in the air, push Ctrl+Shift+D to dump fuel; be warned, you will lose fuel like water coming out of a hosepipe; push Ctrl Shift D again to stop the fuel dump.

Pro Member First Officer
BashDaBish First Officer

Guest is right - it could be your fuel load. A heavy aircraft will struggle to climb.

It could also be your climb profile. If you are still trying to climb at 1800ft/min at high altitude then this can happen. Lower your climb rate gradually as you get higher.

Also remember to turn on your pitot heat and de-icer's.

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another guest Guest

Yeah! your climb rate and fuel could be the problem but also lower your payload as this makes the plane heavier as well.

Pro Member First Officer
anonymouse91 First Officer

Same sort of thing happened to me. My friend in a Airbus A321 and me in a Boeing 787. He made it to about FL400 but I kept stalling around FL300. Just keep your climb rate short and take breaks in between climbing. Use less fuel and maybe lose some cargo too.

Pro Member Trainee
couger Trainee

so how do i loose cargo

Pro Member First Officer
anonymouse91 First Officer

Go to the fuel load panel (where you adjust the fuel) and there is a bit there for the cargo

another guest Guest

Very Happy Most planes in real life do not go above FL400 and the average ALT varies between FL300 - FL350. So dont worry if you cant get your plane above FL400 as most planes service ceiling is FL350

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