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hey guys is the navida gforce gtx 8800 the best graphics card right now?

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Dan Young (dannyboy2005) First Officer

I currently have it, nothing special expect you can get DX10 with it.

There is a slight better quality in FS9 (Locking @25FPS) and fsx is ok to play (But not switching to FSX untill i can get sameproformance like fs9)

Warning: Don't downloa driver 158.22 Its absolute crap. It gives 'Ghosting Panels' IE fs9 panels glitch and VERY annoying. I contacted customer supportand they said use 97.02 driver. I have had no problem what so ever with this. Works a treat.

http://www.nvidia.com/object/winxp_2k_97.02.html <- 97.02 Driver

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