London City Airport (challenge)

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Just a tip to pass on a tip for a challenging flight. London City Airport is good for a tough landing. It's a great view as you come in on approach, but does test settings as there's a lot of scenery.
But the landing is very tight. You can't go too low until the final approach because of all the buildings. Then it's a short stretch of water, and a very short runway.
It's one of my favourites when I feel like testing myself - hope you enjoy too.

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London city airport (EGLC), has a tight approach to runway 10. It's 3200 ft. and the approach has buildings in the way. Good find, thanks 👍

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Ye, I landed a 747 on runway 10 at EGLC. Wasn't bad, touched runway and still had a good lot of runway left.

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