Firewall ON or OFF while on-Line?

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My Friends,
I'm curious - Does it matter whether MY Firewall is ON or OFF while hosting Multi-Player sessions or while participating in one? I'm not sure I want to turn it off but, if it's preventing people from joining my session, or if I'll gain something while in other sessions, I'm game as long as there is a work-around.

Also -- A pilot in one of my sessions "spawned-in" in an F-15C. I saw it as a C-172 - a very FAST C-172. Why was I unable to see the Eagle????

Thanks in advance for your reply(s).


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Keep the firewall on unless you have to turn it off.
If you don't have the exact aircraft that someone else is flying the Sim will substitute anything it wants.


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What would be the indication that I must turn it off?


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If you have forwarded the FS ports from your router to your computer where your flying from then you are safe. shouldn't be a problem

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