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Help with AFCAD2.21 issue?

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Hey guys, I've been having trouble getting AFCAD2 to run. When I go to open airport, it stalls after 2 bars and I have to close via Task Manager.

I haven't used it in about 3 months, where the last time all was well.

I've uninstalled, reinstalled AFCAD, TTTools, and FSUPIC several times...

Was wondering if anyone else has experienced this issue and/or knew of a fix or workaround? I'm in major need of some fixin' up...I've got planes parking inside terminals, LOL!

Thanks for your help in advance!

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hi you seem to have covered all bases. if you have missed this one. uninstall the softwhare and download afresh' then reinstall the new softwhare. just a thought. I have done it before, and then things go ok. all the best



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