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I just just an old 21 inch monitor for my PC. It's a HP. The model number is P1110. I'm trying it out to seeif it's any good. So far not so good. 😞 I have a few questions:

1. I have the brightness turned all the way down and it's still too bright(or mabe faded, what's the difference?) I tried fiddling with the contrast but it dosen't fix it.

2. I have the resoulution turned up to 1152x864, it's at 96 DPI which is suposed to be normal it says, and the screen refresh rate is at 75 Hz. But it looks kind of blurry. It's not sharp.

Please Help,

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Sam (SamIntel) Captain

Here is a sreen shot of what a lousy look it has.


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WarHawk42 Captain

You don't mention what video card you are using. Many of the cards have controls for brightness and contrast that work much better than the controls on the monitor.

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Sorry but i dont see any major thing wrong with that screenshot.

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Sam (SamIntel) Captain

I figured out one of the problems. Because it is an old monitor it dose not display black any more. Any thing that should be back is a dark green.

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As i can see and if the picture is good i see a problem in the numbers.They are a lil bit muddily and not well readen.But i think that it would help more if you take a day shot.Since this is a night flight we cant see the performance of your monitor.
Anyway with the years passing the monitors start a litle to loose their performance.

If the problem is from your monitor(and not from your VGA)there are some methods to improve it (with cleaning the RGB filters) but it needs a specific organ to do this and some times ,if the monitor has playing for a lot lot of hours,this method has small results.
You can also have a look ,if you have the knowledges,to the power supply of your monitor and check the capacitance of some electrolytic capacitors which placed there.You can also check the power transistors of your power supply.Maybe they have some small leak.Also a problem could be the superhigh transformer of your screen.You can check all of them to a local electronic technician.

And of course you could buy a new one 😉 (kiding)

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Sam (SamIntel) Captain

My little broths friends Dad ia really good with computers, he does that kind of stuff for a living. I'm going to have him come over and take a look at it. Thanks for the help.

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