View from my Bedroom windown & garden

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baesys Trainee

Approach into Blackpool ( sometimes they turn over my garden and sometime they come on a long straight appraoch like the ryanair)

Jet2 737-300 G-CELC "Jo Whiley" (From my Garden)

Jet2 737-30 just 3 days before i travelled to malaga on G-CELJ
(From my garden)

and turning onto approach

Ryanair 737-800 EI-CSA "Scotland welcome to our life" (From my bedroom window).
Turning onto approach

Gear coming down

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Taylor (Flyboy92) First Officer

What a great place to live 😀

You must enjoy it very much ❗


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Chris Morris (morris91) Captain

God i wished i live there.

Il be out in my garden all day !!! 😂 😂 😂

Great shots love them (ryanair always have to be diffrent don't thay)

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baesys Trainee

yeah its not a bad place to be, its not very load no, its good when the odd 757 comes in though wish they were regular, they used to be, they were meant to fly 757's to tenerie but replaced them with 737-300's 😞
theres about 5-7 flights aday in summer but only about 3 jets come in now in winter and thomson have started fly 737's to alicante now

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baesys Trainee


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