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I prefer to take-off/fly and land in Instrument Panel view. For some reason in FSX, in instrument panel view I canot raise or lower the view (Shift+Enter or Shift+Backspace). Lowering the view is mainly required when landing - to see the runway. FS2004 has this functionality - no problem. Also when I save FSX flight in instrument panel view it later opens in virtual cockpit view. In FS2004 the saved flight opens in instument panel view. Any idea if the front view can be adjusted iwhen flying and mainly landing in Instrument Panel view?

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You can raise or lower panel in virtural c/p view with shiftbackspace/enter/, but not in c/p view c/p.

So a nice way to do it would be to add the two, shift/backspace/enter into a up/dn hat switch to make it easy. Or better yet, treat yourself to a TRACKIR. 😎 😂

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This is a show stopper for FSX for me. I just prefer to fly in Instrument panel view and lower the view to see the runway on landings. The virtual cockpit view in FSX needs a lot to be desired. Airbus looks like a toy. In instrument panel view I have all the instruments and switches available in particular autopilot adjustments. In virtual cockpit I need to move to sides and zoom e.t.c. to find the switches. For example speed hold (autopilot) I need to move to right and zoom to locate the adjustment knob. This is time consuming. So regret but will stick to FS 2004.

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