X Pac Passenger Simulator (New Add On)

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This is tell you about a simple new add on, which is just the kind of thing I've been waiting for.
Its from Hi Fi Sim. It simulates the loading of passengers, provides automatic cabin crew and captain annonucements, and most importantly an assessment and report of flying skills.
I've only been using it for a couple of days, but I like it. It basically makes it all seem more realistic, and definitely makes a difference to concentration levels when you know you are being assessed.
Its very sensitive( and I am set at the most difficult level) to descent levels and hard landings. I am getting good passenger ratings though!
It does however impose a hit on performance. I have had to reduce my fps to 18 from 20 , and make some minor adjustments to scenery. But I do think its worth it.
It costs 27 dollars to download.
However, I really do think something like this should be in the deluxe version of Flight Simulator X, as now I've got it, it just seems to fit in so well.

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well it's not all that great if you ever played fsp, you would know why. i would say wait for fspx to come out which should be soon, xpax needs a lot of work, got really boring after just 2 flights for me, but then again others might like it so give it a try

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