Issues with FSX - TrackIR and Joystick not working properly

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Hi all. Just reinstalled WinXP after my system was unstable due to a faulty PSU. I also installed a nice 8800GTS graphics card.
Anyway, I'm having issues with FSX, three main ones are;

1) My TrackIR Pro 3 (Vector Expansion) is buggy in FSX. In the virtual cockpit view, the screen movement lags behind head movements by perhaps 2 seconds.

2) My joystick controller sometimes either goes full deflection or the control surfaces don't move at all. It sticks like that until I quit & restart.

3) After a little flickering, some aircraft interiors look like this;

* I have FSX SP1 and SP2 installed.
* I have the latest drivers for everything.
* This does not happen in other games where I use the same hardware.
* My PC spec is P3500+, 2Gb RAM, 8800GTS graphics.

Any help would be hugely appreciated!


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First try different drivers, if that's not it delete SP2 and see how it is.


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horrgakx First Officer

I managed to get the TrackIR to work, I had to change the priority of the service under WinXP to "Above Normal". After that it works perfectly.


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