MS Hotfixes - Tweaks - For FSX/Acceleration/SP2/Vista 64/SP1

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I have posted these on a few other sites and thought it would be a good idea to post it here as well. These files pertain specifically to DX9/10 Gaming, Performance, SLI Issues, multiple GPU/CPU issues and Memory Issues. A few of them directly pertain to FSX/SP1/SP2/Acceleration. I am sure most of you know about some or all of them, but some of the patches in the second list (6-22) were not well known to some.

There are a number of hotfixes that have been released to address the Vista gaming/graphics/memory problems many have been complaining of. Some of them you all know about, but some are hidden in the MS TechNet and MSDN download areas. Below is a listing of the hotfixes that all gamers should download...both SLI and Single GPU users.

Note that not all downloads will be needed for everyone. A lot of them have been incorporated into the Windows Update and then there are some that have yet to be included and need to be manually downloaded.

All of the files below (1 through 5) will take you to the MS TechNET website where you can choose 32 or 64 bit download for Vistat

1. Graphics performance can be improved in certain multiple-GPU scenarios on a Windows Vista-based computer - Enhances SLI Performance in DX 9 and 10
2. Virtual address space usage in Windows game development - Fixes problems with certain games (BF 2, BF 2142, etc.) involving low frame rates and crashes/lockups.
3. Hotfix for SLI users running DX 10 Games - Improves frame rates - For new games (BF 2, COD 4, FSX, etc)
4. An update is available that improves the compatibility and reliability of Windows Vista - For all GeForce users - Enhances graphics performance across the board
5. An update is available that improves the performance and reliability of Windows Vista - Again...for all GeForce users - Enhances Performance overall

The following patches are those which I came across while digging through TechNET and the MSDN download sites. They are pertain to gaming, graphics, memory and performance. I have them on my own FTP, so you should obtain as much bandwidth as your provider allows.

The Following files below (6 through 14) are for Vista 64 bit. Files 15 through 22 further below are for Vista 32 bit.

The remainder of files here are for Vista 32 bit users

15. MS KB929777 - Enables > 3GB of memory to be used with Vista
16. MS KB936710 - DX 10 Issues associated with FSX
17. MS KB938194 - General DX10 computability & Many Games
18. MS KB938979 - General Improvements and DX9/10 Gaming
19. MS KB940105 - Fixed Virtual memory problems with GPU's with 256MB of memory or more
20. MS KB932246 - Fixes some general computability issues between Vista and DX9/10
21. MS KB933590 - Fixes issues with FSX when using multiple monitors
22. MS KB941600 - Fixes issues when a USB game controller is used with games

For the following fix, you will need to go here (MS Support) to request a 32 bit version of this patch. I have the 64 bit version included above. This patch is labeled: "Graphics performance can be improved in certain multiple scenarios on a Windows Vista based computer"

Request Download: Here

For those running AMD Dual Core Processors (X2/FX/etc), download the AMD Dual Core Optimizer to take advantage of running dual cores when playing FSX and other games.

Download AMD Dual Core Optimizer:

ALSO: For Flight Simulator X w/Acceleration or SP2, I have my FTP loaded with a lot (6GB) of files for FSX (Scenery, Aircraft, Effects, Textures, Config files, Tweaks, etc.). If anyone would be interested in these files, please email me at: or pm me here and I will provide you with a FTP login.

My FSX.cfg file is linked below, so those of you with multiple cores/gpu's can see how I got maximum performance with my setup. I can run at 1920x1200x32 in DX10 Preview Mode at 45 FPS (City) to well over 100 FPS (Mountains).

Here is another program that will be of great help and seems to work much better than the nVidia N-Tune/Profile settings. Again, many of you probably already know about it, but some don't.

Download: nHancer - The Advanced Control Panel and Profile Editor for nVidia cards - Vista/XP 64 Bit
Download: nHancer - The Advanced Control Panel and Profile Editor for nVidia cards - Vista/XP 32 Bit

This will allow you to control things to a higher degree. It is awesome and has a lot of hidden tweaks and profiles for FSX/DX10/SLI as well.

Another trick to getting FSX to run smooth is to mess with the SLI options of: Single Core, Split Frame Rendering and Alternate Frame Rendering. nHancer will allow you to easily compare settings for each profile used.

Below are some links to screenshots of flying over Lord Howe Island and a few from flying over Idaho. They are 1920 x 1200 and in .jpg format. They are around 300K in size:

Drop me email or PM if you have any tips/tweaks of your own.

My System Specs:

Dual AMD FX-74 CPU's O/C from 2.8 to 3.3GHz
ASUS L1N64-SLI WS Motherboard
Dual XFX 8800 GTX 768MB GPU's in SLI
8 GB of OCZ Reaper X PC6400 Memory
M-Audio 7.1 THX Soundcard
Dual Lite-On DVD+RW SATA Burners
Dual WD 150GB Raptors in RAID 0 (For OS)
Thermaktake Armour Case - Extensively Modified
Liquid Cooling for both CPU's and both GPU's
Satiek X-52 Pro FCS
Logitech X-5500 TH Digital Speaker System
24" Hyundai FUll HD Gamer LCD Panel
OS: Vista 64 with Service Pack 1 Refresh Installed

My personal experience in running Vista 64 has been overall very well. With respect to gaming, there are some games that run just great and there are those that suffer because they have not been optimized fully to take advantage of multiple CPU's and GPU's.

My honest experience with multiple 8800 GTX's and CPU's VS. using a single 8800 and a single AMD FX-74 is a bit nerve racking in that I saw no difference between running a one of each or two of each.

I hope the listing of fixes above helps at lease one person out there.

Thanks and Happy Flight Simming!


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Thank you for this informative posting. A few comments from a neophyte hi-end gamer (I though I'd built just the box for FSX).

My honest experience with multiple 8800 GTX's and CPU's VS. using a single 8800 and a single AMD FX-74 is a bit nerve racking in that I saw no difference between running a one of each or two of each.

That's reassuring! I'll resist the temptation of constant upgrades. I'm seeing satisfactory frame rates and graphics on winXp FSX sp/1&2 with this box.

Intel DP965LT ATX mainboard (P965express chipset)
Intel onboard Azalia sound & 82566c LAN
intel Core2Duo E6600@2.4ghz
Corsair 4x1gb duel channel DDR2@667mhz
Gigabyte nVida 8800GTX w/768mb DDR3

I submit life's a lot easier if you play on the trailing edge of technology and software!

Note I keep FPS around 30 by setting detail radius at medium (that's where objects start being rendered ).

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Rodney Jacobs (GundamWZero) Captain

Screw that!!!! I want to see a picture of his gaming rig!!!! 😳

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