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Hi all , iv got GMAX , off my fs2004 disc 1, how do you use it to repaint aircrafts ?

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I believe that GMAX is for creating aircraft not repaints.

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Be aware though if you're serious about this repainting business that FS2004 used the .bmp file format whereas FSX uses the .dds format.

Note: .bmp files are compatible with both, FS2004 and FSX. This is not the case where the .dds format is concerned. If you try to load .dds files into FS2004 you'll most likely experience a CTD. I just mention that for future reference.

You can use an FS2004 aircraft and repaint it with your favorite paint program without having to worry about the file format. If the a/c you chose has a half decent model and flight dynamics it'll fly satisfactorily in FSX.

However, if you repaint an a/c that already uses .dds format for FSX you'll need a plug-in for you're paint program:

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