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Hello fellow fly away members.I just want to take a second and tell everybody who has commented on the pics we have posted on here.As everybody knows there are so many forums out there but home is fly away.For one radarman,CRJCapt,warlord40,acepilot32,morris91,
tiger7881,Bran09,VegasFlyer and last and not least Tailhook have been very supportive with the positive comments and the team members have seen them and motivated us more to nail our demo right down.

We are looking foward to performing sim airshows in the very near future and for people like the ones mentioned above.Our team is small only 9 pilots 4 if which are real world pilots and a United States Naval Officer.We are very professional to the book and strive for perfection in each and every practice.Sorry for the long post here.

I have seen many kids and adults coming up with blue angel teams and being very rude to those of us in the sim community.So if any of you on here have come across them im sorry for that but just know its not us,as we fly for the sim world like all of those in this forum.

We are now looking to fill 2-4 spots with in the team and alot of you have asked me how to go about joining.Just click the link below and follow the directions.This is the real deal.If you ever see us online flying just say your from here and we will be happy to talk to you.

If any of the mod's ever want us to fly online for fly away just let us know we will be more then happy seeing how you guys let us get our voice out and have always been helpful and very nice to the teams members over the years.

Thank You,
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site http://www.fsxproblueangels.com/

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I never meant disrespect. I only started mine after I saw the 8 A's.

You must be 18

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shylock (scottyboy39) Trainee

no worries wasn't taken that way.Your free to do what ever you like it is a free world you know lol

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