F-14 Tomcat gauges, effects not working in FSX

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I downloaded the Grumman F-14 and it looks great and flies great. I really want to get the gauges and effects working, if possible. I read the readme file that came with the download, and it didn't help. The "gauges" file that came with the download contained threee other folders named, "Tomcat", "Tomcat VC" and "gauges rcb" or something, I'm going on memory. I copied the CONTENTS of the three folders found in the download's "gauges" file into FSX "gauges" and the "effects" into "effects".
It didn't work. The effects don't work either. My panel is dead. Any body have any experience here or is this just a panel for fs2004 only? I'd really like to have my gauges. THanks in advance for your help

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Which Tomcat is it? If it is the Iris, you have to follow proper start-up procedures or the aircraft will not function properly (naturally)<snicker>

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