New sound files for the PMDG 737 & 747, LevelD767 and CS

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I want to change the engine sounds for my PMDG 73747, LevelD763 and CS752. Freeware is preferred (payware would definitely be considered). I have heard stories in the past about software conflicts when some folks changed the sound files for certain aircraft. I am searching for opinions about the most compatible sound files for these models 😉

P.S. While I am on the topic... any suggestions about new sound files for the Wilco A318/319/320/321?

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... no-one can offer suggestions 😞?

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These are payware, but offer very realistic engine sounds, try:

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Or you could search Flightsim for 737 sounds, i've never had a problem changing things in payware stuff, i've even used a freeware panel in the PMDG before i could use the FMC Embarassed !

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