Planes that never crashed

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A list of planes that never had a disaster(information may not be exact):

Over 60 built, no hull losses.

Over 1000 built, Nobody has died from its crash.(since it was made in 1996)

Over 500 built, since it flew around 1994 nobody has died.

Been involved in a few crashes, 5 hull losses, and a few very bad crashes like that air France a340 in toronto, its amazing everybody surives(A340 has never had a fatal crash since it flew it 1991)

Been involved in a few small incidents first flew 2005.

Over 140 built, not fatal crash.

B737-600, B737-700*, B737-900:

In flight testing


Since it was made in 1995, there has been no fatal crash and only 1 hull loss. Over 700 are built.

In flight testing.

Others include MD-90, E-170, E-175, E-190, E-195, IL-96, TU-204, F-70, etc

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Its pretty stupid to put A318/19/20/21 in the seperate categories as they are essentially the same plane along with the 767-400 and 737-600/700/800/900

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