Impossible flying with FS2004

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I cannot fly with FS2004 because, before flying, doesn't load, it stops at 1%.
Close the game and send a message to Microsft.
The error report is:
Identifying the cause fs9.exe
Offeset: 0000006b
Mod. Unknown

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Try these one at a time until it works, it may just be the first one.

1-Delete the last add-on you put into the Sim.

2-Delete the log file.

3-Delete the fs9 cfg file, the Sim will build a new one. (my guess)


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Deleted 1 and 3, how can i delete log file?

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You did those two and it still isn't running?

The log file should be found in My Documents or Documents (a Flight Sim folder) depending on what OS you are using.
You can do a computer search for flight and it should show up.

If none of these work then you have to do a proper clean uninstall and reinstall.


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the fs9.cfg is found in

c:/documents and settings/user name/application data/microsoft/fs9/

there you should find a copy of the fs9.cfg

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