Does anyone get online anymore?

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Mustangfreak First Officer

Do yall every log on and meet at a pre determined airport and just fly around together in free flight?

I'd like to get something like that going on the weekends every now and then.

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Karlw Captain

With the Gamespy/Microsoft issue many people have just given up on Multiplayer.....sad to see cooperation acting like children playing blame games Mad

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Mustangfreak First Officer

what issue?

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Orion (ollyau) First Officer
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Tom Kilpatrick (Tom12) Trainee

I get on quite often now, but as ollyau posted the stupid company named gamespy complicates things for us.

I am keen to get on and have a good fly around.
Contact me if you want to fly on multiplayer etc...

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Mustangfreak First Officer

ollyau wrote:


Ah, I've had a few times, I thought it was just my computer.

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