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A very interesting article I saw today on the homepage was talking about how idiots take laser pointers and basically attack aircraft with them. I just want to know if any pilots or passengers have ever experienced this, when and where if possible.

I've personally experienced it at night turning my 172 from downwind to base at a non-towered airport....the whole cockpit turned green. I should have reported it to the FAA but was very limited on aeronautical knowledge at the time (Not to mention it was my first time). Lasers can be the most distracting thing during the day and fatal and night....a lesson I almost learned at the hands of the shear idiocy of my fellow man Mad

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I've had the same problem flying at night before.

I've also had someone parked at the end of the runway (a road ran past the end of the runway) flashing their full beam headlights to aircraft on final approach. Very distracting.

Unfortunately, idiots out there think it's funny. Never come across it as a passenger.

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