Force trim cyclic and aluminium profiles

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I have just collected the prototype parts from the laser cutter to enable me to fit force trim to the cyclic sticks that I build for my helisim units.
Effectively this will mean that in the hover the stick will be completely free with the force button pressed and when released in cruise will hold the stick in place.
I hope to have the proto assembled this week some time.
Negotiations with a supplier for aluminium profiles are proceeding as well ,I am looking at 3 levels of supply 2.kits of parts for a cockpit or accesory (ie tripple head screen mounts ,overhead panels etc) 3.complete cockpits fully assembled ready to fit your own controls or supplied with controls.
The colour sublimation is also progressing with artwork being prepared this week ready for a one off test run for cost and viability.
Another project that is also moving along a bit more is the electronic pot extender ,this will enable you to fit a pot to a control and extend the resolution out to the limit of the interface board regardless of how little or much the actual pot moves.

This whole project is now moving so fast that I am unable to keep up with the web site updates so I will be creating a facebook page in the next 2 days so you are able to follow my progress here and via facebook.

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Expansion, a great move.
Good luck!


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