fs-gs service?


Anyone know anything about this service? Is it for real? Testimonials on that site seem pretty good, however it is on their site. I found another write up on a flight sim forum that said it was for real, I can only hope it was not a paid review.

If anyone has used the service, or knows anyone who has, I'd appreciate your/their evaluation.


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Rodney Jacobs (GundamWZero) Captain

What is fs-gs?

Flight Simulator Ground Service?

First Sucker Gets Screwed?

Finally Some Good Software?

Don't use acronyms when describing names of programs and software.... there are a lot of acronyms out there.

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GundamWZero wrote:

What is fs-gs?

Flight Simulator Ground Service?

First Sucker Gets Screwed?

Finally Some Good Software?

Don't use acronyms when describing names of programs and software.... there are a lot of acronyms out there.

Hahaha... I see you dabble in word games, crosswords and cryptic forum posts like I do.
Must stop this now... must practice my carrier landings instead... over and out.

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Rodney Jacobs (GundamWZero) Captain

Upon further review, I say back off.

Here are my reasons:

1) It consists of tweaking the .cfg file. Although this is widely done throughout the Flight Sim world, it is done for free, even some sites linking you to the .cfg files you can use to tweak your own.

2) You would have to add additional software to achieve the results you see in the screenshots; i.e. GEX, REX, photoshop (payware)

3) You will also have to tweak your computer specs (with his guidance), which might either shorten your computer components lifespan.

And after one post in the FS GS forums from one guy pretty much confirms this:


And here is the main point of my whole post - other than pointing out the sort of person that Michael is; I found ALL the information I needed to set my simulator up to a BETTER standard than Michael achieved at the links below:

You will note that these links are written by a guy called NickN who Michael takes every opportunity to 'slag off'. What I did find VERY interesting, upon reading the content in these links, is that everything Michael initially did on my computer, less a couple of 'tweaks' to my FSX.cfg and setup of the FSX display settings (which caused my problems), is exactly the same as what is contained in these links. In fact Nick provides some extra steps which make your computer run even better. So Michael tries to sell you (and charges you $125 for the privillege) stuff that is very much in the open domain and even then doesn't achieve the same quality in flight simulator as NickN does.

Following Nick's guidance I achieved a better performing, and better looking, flight simulator.

After that, the war ensued. Even the guy who guides you on the tweaks admits that he follows someone else guidelines, not his own:

Fs-Gs does have strict requirements but you would think from reading his post that the purchase of products such as GEX etc...... was somehow a negative condition. Also some of these products are associated to Nick N which shows that fs-gs lends its full support to Nick as a developer which I can only say puts earnings in Nick's pocket.

He twists the issue of using REX as opposed to FEX. My company considers Peter Wilder both a friend and in many cases a collaborator and respects everything he has done and will do but as I have explained to Peter himself, we need to go with companies that offer ongoing support and upgrades for their products which are not available for FEX but are for REX.

So this is technically NOT PAYWARE, it is a CONSULTING SERVICE; You pay them, they tell you how to configure FSX. They even tell you what programs to buy to improve your system, that adds more to your already consulting charge.... whichever package you choose.

So it may be the case of "First Sucker Gets Screwed."

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