FSX Opens With The Trike Ultralight Flying

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Please disregard this post, *Problem solved... I deleted and re-loaded both service packs*

I recently had a new hard drive put in my computer, and re-loaded FSX along with Service Pack 1 and Service Pack 2...
After I boot up FSX, it goes right to a simulation with the Trike Ultralight flying...???
This never happened before,after loading FSX it would go to the screen with your aircraft options, airports, time of day etc. etc.
Would this be caused by one of the Service Packs I Downloaded "right after" re-loading FSX on my computer...???
*I downloaded FSX "1st." on my computer before loading any of programs or software as recomended*
I was thinking of deleteing the Service Packs (Only Service Pack 2 shows in my programs list ???)
Another weird thing I just thought to ask is, when I`m flying around the 4 airports in New York City, ATC tells me what runway to land on after I ask for a Touch & Go, *But sometimes I land and ATC /Ground Control does not see/recognize that I have landed and then when I fly off to the next airport I cannot communicate with ATC, as it seems they are still waiting for me to land...*
Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated...

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If you delete SP2 it may help but SP2 had dual core usage built in.
In other words, if you don't use SP2 you will only be using a single core of you CPU which I'm sure has more than one core.
It also contains other "fixes".
I use the add-on Acceleration Pack, that contains SP1 and SP2 built in.

Your call.


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