ran out of gas!!!

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Yes, what a shame!!! I thought this was going to be the ultimate flight sim.... I ran out of gas and dont even know how to get more because it keeps loading and I sit on the runway not able to move. Does anyone know how to get more gas?? The scenery is good but thats about it.... shame, shame microsoft, where is my 777??????????

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Download the handbook, it should have those facts.



zzyzx Guest

Go into the hanger, select the airplane.

Top right shows gasoline tank. Drag the gasoline bar over to full. Do NOT click the X because if you do thank refill of gas will not apply. Just drag the bar to full and then click lower right Select Aircraft.

FLIGHT staff why make this issue so difficult?

I have complained about this issue.

They should have a box to check in an options menu for TANK ALWAYS FULL of gasoline.

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