aircraft review

lockersmos Guest

Hello, lockersmos here-
i am just going to post an
aircraft review on the Ifdg A320 aircraft.
well, here it is!

Airbus A320/Ifdg

I think it is a fantastic plane, but, it does not come w/custom panel or sounds. I have downloaded a soundset and a panel for it, and it is great!
and, this aircraft is free! The plane flies like an A320(at least that is what i think) it has very accurate flap placement, airbrakes in the right place, and, best of all, the plane looks like an A320! So, in short, The plane is a great aircraft, even if the download size is 6-7 megabytes. My rating=4/5!

here is a download link to download the A320 in Northwest Airlines colors-

Thanks, and i hope you enjoy the aircraft!!

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