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Virtual Pilot 3D Flight Simulator (Real product or Scam)

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Pro Member Trainee
U2michuggy Trainee

I have seen this product advertised on Facebook and wondered if anyone knows whether it is a Bona-Fide product or just a huge SCAM. It is apparently retailing on their website for an introductory price of $67 instead of $137 Regular Price. Many Thanks:?:

Pro Member Chief Captain
RadarMan Chief Captain

The first time I've heard that name.
It looks to me to be another name of that one that spams most forums.
Here is what Wiki has on it.


Pro Member Trainee
U2michuggy Trainee

Thanks for that Radar Man, I think I will leave this one alone...... unless it gets proper Commercial Release....... The web site is very convincing, however if you google Virtual Pilot 3D Flight Sim you get sent to the same review via different links...... which is what led me to thinking it was a scam. Think

Pro Member Chief Captain
RadarMan Chief Captain

Yes, I think FSX is it for now...maybe someone in the near future will build a worthwhile Sim.


Pro Member Site Admin
Flyaway Site Admin

It's another re-brand of FlightGear. Read our original article here:

Fly Away Simulation, Flight Sim #1

p76 niko Guest


Zyzmog Guest

It's the same old scam, with a different name. They added a couple of nice touches this time: first, they added the "TM" designator to the name. It's not really trademarked, it just builds credibility (like all those "TRUST US" badges at the very bottom of their web page). Second, they're claiming that VirtualPlane3D is "FAA Certified". They're lying.

I've been following this scam for quite a while at Zyzmog Galactic Headquarters. The only thing that changes are the names.

flightguy Guest

I actually ordered this and when it loads for me it says their is an error in the main loop and aborting, then crashes, and says possible reason is not enough memory but I have a brand new computer with all the specs beating what they require to play by a lot!

Because I have yet to play this once I have been emailing them a lot for help in getting this error to disappear but I am still waiting on a response from them and getting very irritated.

Guest Guest

About VirtualPilot3D, like it has been said, it looks like the FlightGear SCAM (that was selling an open source and totally freely available flight simulator).

Some differences, though - the screenshots look like FSX!

Here's a post on this "new" flightsimulator (SCAM) on the well known among flightsim fans site -

Also a post on their forum:

PegThom Guest

I saw their ad for the first time last night and instead of checking them out first, I ordered it!!! Well!!! Their offer was for $58. or something like that. By the time I got through I had paid $200.
They tell you that once you pay the fee, which has escalated from $58. to what they then tell you is the least good version and suck you into buying the $139. version that is supposed to have all they advertised, that you will have access to the members site and be able to have the game sent to you in a set of five DVD's. When you've paid the $139. and get to the members site you put all your shipping info in and then are taken to a payment page where you have to pay an additional $58.
None of the download links work, and all they did was pile my computer with malware and spyware. I ended up having to restore my pc! I opened a dispute today through PayPal to get my money back. It will take 30 days or more but it will be a lesson learned!

Has anyone actually received the DVD's or been able to use the links after paying?

circuitburner Guest

ok, Im a flight sim nut, and real life heli pilot. I was taken by the ads... and bought the "VIP" package for 129.00 ... most of the models you can download are not fully complete ...except maybe a couple that are bundled with the product...nice boeing airliners... but the terrain is buggy looking, everything is beta-ish...not a completed polished product by any means....
After excitedly downloading a handfull of interesting models....sadly most lack polish, and the cockpits for the mosrt part have rough edges (figuratively speaking...)
It seems to me this sim had / has promise...but its just to GD buggy / rough for me to keep .... plus they allow unlimited installs to as many PCs you want ???? that raised a red flag to me right there.....
I think this was a promising sim, that got rushed, and lost developers, then the marketers took the incomplete / unpolished work to market to make a buck.... kinda sad in a way... it really seemed to be everything a flight simmer would ever want....
a barbie doll, missing a leg....
cancelling payment as of today....

kezza Guest

Yep it is a scam, arseholes thinking they can take Flight Gears hard work and go skiing on it.

If you want to spend money, try X-Plane, but don't go with the beta testing programme unless you like the frustration of an evolving product. Difference between X-Plane and FS is XP uses a far more sophisticated flight model, FS still has the edge in eye candy, but losing it quickly.
The Kezzatron

kflyte Guest

The first thing that raised my suspicions was the aggressive and dramatic marketing technique. Absolutely desparate! Then came the added expenses over and above what they promised from the intial offer. I hate these scumbags that deceive and rape the consumer. I'm staying with the tried and true MSX product even though it may have some shortcomings. Consumer beware!

Jim Sartor Guest

Total junk. Takes forever to load and then YOU have to install each and every place and each and every bit of scenery separately. Most of the on screen boxes, instruments, etc., are non responsive.

Airports are listed by some incomprehensible numbering system instead of by airport name or location.

TOTAL JUNK. Should be run out of business. Am trying to get refund but I'll probably have less success at that than I had at getting this thing to run.

g johnson Guest

Warning! Virual Pilot is a rip off . I paid for Virtual Pilot 3d VIP Premium World Scenery + bonuses and downloaded it and it was crap. They ADVERTISED that they would refund money if not satified. Emailed several times but NO REPONSE. DON'T BUY THE PRODUCT.....

jemuel Guest

hello, if I've downloaded FMC (2004) in which folder of my flight simulator should I place him?[/i]

George h Guest

this is s a total rip off...paid the 67.00 does not work!...they refuse to answer any and all not buy this product !

James of FL Guest





Yes, I was looking at the advert and thought this was too good to be true and it was, so after looking around on the internet and came across this forum, my doubting questions were answered straight away. good job its always best to do a little research before parting with your hard earned cash..


I new it was a sock full of poop, the tip off that they were 5th graders was that they kept refering to the Earth as a flat planet, they kept saying
WORLD WIDE in their ad. Now brother we all know that this planet is round,world round not NOT world flat.
All you losers out there must pay attention to their grammer when things are put up for sale.
sportroc ( licensed pilot)

garrett the carrot Guest

Dear everyone reading this,

Virtual pilot 3d is a scam that is just the free-to-use flight gear simulator. When I downloaded from a link after ordering the vip version it gave me flight gear 2.0.0 WWWWTTTTFFFFF!!!!!!!!! EVERYTHING IS JUST CRAP SO NEVER EVER BUY IT.

Howard Pew Guest

I have tried VirtualPilot3D a little, after buying the full version, with the
extra Aircraft and Scenery. It seems to me that X-Plane 10 is
certainly much better, pound for pound, than VirtualPilot3D Smile

Kind regards, Howard.

Geofff Guest

AS a flightsim fan I was instantly taken by the virtual pilot ads. but my scam radar went off pretty quick by the nature of the webpage. There must be a template out there called 'scam 101' because most of the scams Ive seen use this same single page, endlessly long format full of gushing praise. They all look and feel the same! All it needed to complete the package was the 'as seen on CNN ABC XYZ' and 'used by NASA to train their astronauts'

I despise slime like this, but they are so, so obvious!

mikkyy48 Guest

Just want to say thank you guys because I was about to order this Sim today and I decided to just do a little research on this product and I came across this forum.
Will be registering soon.
Love you all
Thanks again

RussM Guest

I am so glad that I checked this site for reviews BEFORE ordering the software; it seemed too good to be true. Thank you for your comments. You have saved innocent me a lot of aggravation.

Loyhaasip Guest

I too have "bought" this carp and also have the same problem as other posters here - ie "when it loads for me it says there is an error in the main loop and aborting, then crashes, and says possible reason is not enough memory". I have a computer which beats all the specs required, by a long way!!!
I have emailed them many times, with no response!!
I really really wished I could find out where these oxygen robbers are, so I could "speak" with them face to face..
Mad Mad Mad Mad Mad Mad Mad Mad Mad Mad Mad Mad

JoAnne VanDerest Guest

We purchased the premium world wide virtualpilot3D software and the 4 dvd's.and paid via clickbank
Both are not working, we have send 2 mails with request for address to return the dvd's and refund for both services.
There is costumer service or phone number, this really convenient for them!!!
now we have 2 products which are not working
So are they trustworthy????????????????

Mortiem Guest

I paid, via bank checkcard/VISA. WIthin minutes of download it would not run and I was told it is because of the graphics card on my machine. I told them, through support, I was not spending another dime to make their software work. I requested a refund. Their support person emailed me back and siad he was requesting the refund.

As of yet, and after almost a dozen emails, they have yet to respond OR send the monies. I deleted the software so there is no way they can claim I still have it and using it.

THEY ARE CROOKED. The yare based in England as best I can tell... unless someone has another location for them.

Anyone get a redund YET?

Pro Member Trainee
crackerjacks Trainee

Zyzmog wrote:

It's the same old scam, with a different name. They added a couple of nice touches this time: first, they added the "TM" designator to the name. It's not really trademarked, it just builds credibility (like all those "TRUST US" badges at the very bottom of their web page). Second, they're claiming that VirtualPlane3D is "FAA Certified". They're lying.

I've been following this scam for quite a while at Zyzmog Galactic Headquarters. The only thing that changes are the names.

I looked at FG for the first time today. After 5 minutes I closed it. No where near FSX. Now I am fixing to remove it from my system unless anyone else has any thoughts about it it sure seems lacking in a lot of areas.

Comments on FG anyone?

gatvol47 Guest

Virtual Pilot 3d is a genuine scam which is intended to aquire peoples cash and this website was specially Design to pull your adrenalin to a certain point where you will come to a consensus to purchase this product, This is an insinuating methodology that was created to penetrate into the Aviation industry to those who are not bright enough to be the slave of the perpetrator.
The reason im writing this is because i ones purchased Virtual pilot product and i never received a positive response or even a physical product of it.
So i recomment to everyone who is willing to make similar steps i made to make a thorough research and to not make this inappropriate decision .

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