Vatsim Group Flight Tonight! 2/25/2013

Pro Member First Officer
Alec Stelloh (Thunderbirdman2) First Officer

Departing: KMKE, KRAC, KORD, KMDW (you can pick they are all close together) (I will be departing KRAC)
Arriving: KDEN
Departure Time: 1830CT (6:30pm Central Time) / 0030 Zulu Time
Aircraft: I will be in a DC-9-15F but feel free to use anything.
Callsign: Use whatever you want I will be AJI993 "Ameristar"
Route: GREAS DBQ J100 OBH YANKI LANDR5 (Feel free to use your own if you would like)
Altitude: FL320 (Use whichever is suitable for you)
Mach: I will be set at .79 - .80
ETE: Around 2hrs

Comments: Come join tell everyone you know lets get a group flight going!

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Pro Member Trainee
James Lang (JGL90) Trainee

Hey there, we should do this again sometime. When do you think everyone would be available next? Would sometime this Sunday work? My airline does these types of flights a lot and it would be neat to get a lot more people involved in the group flights from this community!

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