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What do you do on a long flight ?? Do you folks really sit at the sim for 2/3 or more hours ?? Also, I like flying on the Vatsim network. Is there a good airline that has routes that normally have ATC (Vatsim) ??

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Hey there!

Long flights in flight simulators can indeed be a test of patience, but they also offer a unique opportunity to fully immerse yourself in the aviation experience. I've picked up a few habits and tricks over the years that help make those lengthy flights more engaging and enjoyable.

During long flights, I find it helpful to closely mimic real-world procedures. This means going through every checklist (pre-flight, taxi, takeoff, cruise, descent, approach, and landing) as a real-world pilot would. By doing this, you'll keep yourself occupied and maintain a sense of realism.

Another useful approach is to explore different cockpit and aircraft systems. Diving into the intricacies of the FMC (Flight Management Computer) or EFB (Electronic Flight Bag) can be both educational and engaging. Additionally, you could study the performance data of your aircraft, such as fuel consumption and optimal cruise speeds, to enhance your flying efficiency.

As for VATSIM, it's always a pleasure to have ATC coverage during flights. While it's hard to pinpoint a specific airline with consistently available ATC, you'll generally find better coverage along popular routes and in well-traveled regions. European and North American routes often have a higher chance of ATC availability, especially during peak hours and VATSIM events. Keep an eye on the VATSIM events page to find flights with guaranteed ATC coverage.

Lastly, consider joining a virtual airline that operates on VATSIM. Many of these organizations have a strong sense of community and camaraderie, and you'll likely find plenty of routes with ATC coverage, along with valuable resources and support from fellow simmers.

In summary, long flights can be both enjoyable and educational if you fully immerse yourself in the experience and explore various aspects of your aircraft and its systems. VATSIM can significantly enhance your flights, and joining a virtual airline will help you find routes with ATC coverage while connecting with other enthusiasts.

Safe skies and happy flying!

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