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Hello everyone,

I have fsx and know that you can transfer fs2004 and fs2002 aircraft to fsx. I did this with a Mike Stone Beechcraft 1900D. I deleted the original panel and sound and replaced it with my own beechcraft king air panel and sound folders. When I opened up fsx the Mike Stone Beechcraft 1099D was there, so I decided to test the plane out in a free flight. I started on the ground so I could test how the doors worked. I pressed shift+e to attempt to open the main cabin door, but when I did this the main cabin door didn't open. Instead it said main exit opening, with out a physical change to the aircraft's door actually moving. Help needed plz 😀 ;
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Thank you for your response, plus link! Sadly I have tried that aircraft before and the main cabin door doesn't have a physical change when opened. But thanks for the response. I am also looking for a great lakes aircraft or repaint that is easy to install 😉



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Great lakes to fit what aircraft, please be more specific.
If you didn't like the Beech how about this.



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