IS FSX windows 7 compatible

AceOfSpade Guest

Hi, I purchased FSX for my xp system, dual core, 32 bit, 2 mb ram. Simulator worked fine.

Now I have an 8 core, 34 bit, 16mb ram, upgraded graphics card, game constantly freezes up or not enough virtual memory, etc.... I have graphics display on low quality, still continous issue.

Anyone else have issues with FSX/Windows 7 or simulator runs smoothly ? Thanx.

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Pro Member Chief Captain
RadarMan Chief Captain

No, it should be working fine.
There is some other reason that is causing that.

What is the exact message.



Figured it out, graphics display resolution set to 1920x1080x32, lowered resolution, works fine.

Miller Pichon Guest

I have a Windows 7 computer with FSX on it, and it works fine (apart from the slightly decreased performance) Secret

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