Dovetail Games Flight Simulator: What do you want to see?

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As you all know, Dovetail Games have announced their new Flight Simulator which is based on FSX:

We'd love to know what you would like to see in the next simulator the whole community is excited about.

What features, functionality and advancements from FSX would you like to see in this new sim from Dovetail Games?

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Thank you!

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X-plane level graphics (night lighting, cars, etc) with the same flight fidelity as FSX. Also, better performance to run all necessary add-ons such as aircraft, airport scenery, city scenery and landclass.

eliassmith02 Guest

The use of 64 bit would definately be an advantage and help with overall performance


A through rework of the Panel layout system such that using a multiple monitor system, readily supported now by most video cards, would be simple and automatic and not involve the hours of drudgery required because the original FSX used arbitrary assumptions about display environments.

SensingFailure Guest

-The ability to use all switches in cockpits of planes, and the ability to lock them out based on difficulty settings. This is something very advanced users, such as myself, would prefer.
-Passenger models in commercial aircraft.


Will scenery be compatible with existing FSX and ORBX scenery


Maintain or improve accuracy of flight characteristics first and foremost; then nice multi-monitor support; true scenery maybe linked from google's sat pix; more realistic/in depth radio operation; online interaction/traffic with other sim pilots.

MaxDS Guest

Just wondering if you are aware that this same very question was asked (by Martin of DTG) on Steam om May 5, 2015. There have been 1,589 replies, with last one (so far) on March 7, 2016

Though DTG (Martin) never did return back to the thread until it went past 1,400 post.

So, if you are interested in reading what people are wanting, that thread is a great place to start.

geoff_pyke Guest

I agree with what most of the others have said.
The ability to use add-on scenery already purchased for FSX - a real show stopper.

Use of 64bit technology and multi core cpu.

Thanks for the continued support of the flight simulator family.

Jake Minihan Guest

Cross compatibility! I AM NOT buying the PMDG 777 for a 3rd time!!

Justin Cerezo Guest

Asides from the things they already mentioned, I'd LOVE to see:

1. PHYSICS PHYSICS PHYSICS. The one thing really that XP beats out FSX or even P3D at, that is the flight dynamics, and that is the main argument the people who play with XP make. If DTG could implement a realistic flight modeling characteristics, it would be a big plus.

2. More partnerships with other third company software/aircraft makers. It is great to see them partner with Piper already, but it would be nice to see them teaming up with A2A, PMDG, Carenado, ASN, etc to make it extremely competitive to begin with.

3. Dynamic Lighting. Make night flying actually dark and difficult to see. I know in FSX, you can still easily see the ground when you fly at night vs real life.

Phil Faidley Guest

Having been an MSFS since the beginning, I have seen great advancements in almost 3 decades. Although happy that Steam took FS on board, it felt like a bit of a backward step to migrate. Problems with Win 8.1 and compatibility of some legacy addons made things painful.

I would like to see a good generic (not product dependent) hangar/livery management tool for included and addon aircraft simpler than having to edit the .cfg files. I could manage my favourite fleets better. This is a "nice to have".

I would like to see an effective method to manage airport scenery better. Included airports in my part of the world are rubbish and I like to update them with correct runways, taxiways, signage, gates, etc. Not being able to simply move scenery artefacts around, or create exclusion to get rid of the bushes in the middle of new runways is a pain. An SDK that works in WYSIWYG fashion (that dates me) would be a definite advantage for those who tinker, but are not experts in the graphics tools available.

Multi-monitor support (wide screen, etc) would be a definite plus, as would any ongoing improvements in performance to further enhance the "real as it gets" look and feel.

Thanks a lot

Threedee Guest

Please 2D panels!!!! I use 4 touch screens

James Brown Guest

Hi i would like to see the new simulator use the graphic card gpu more than fsx, also all the 3rd party scenery and airports and aircraft work in the new simulator and also direct x latest version be used so the frame rates are very high and constant.
Also make this new simulator work in windows 10 and future versions.

PeterSue11 Guest

I would like to see that all the aircraft that works on FSX and FS 2009 be compatible on the new simulator without modifications.
Detailed scenery & up to date airport structures and out-lay plans would be nice. Also, the ability to upgrade to the newest airport constructions and locations as they are built would be nice.

sp-tmk Guest

Ok Im waiting on somthing new

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ap69pl Trainee

OK Im waiting for somthing new

DeezyWeezy33 Guest

I would like to see a very wide range(vast) of military, commercial (with all of the airlines), and general aviation aircraft(business jets/Cessna/Beechcraft/piper the whole nine yards), that you can both fly and they automatically be in the game as AI traffic as well. No more having to download payware or freeware aircraft/scenery/blahh! Just include it all in the main price of the actual game itself!

ken shauntz Guest

The biggest problem I had with FSX Steam was the controls. I was running windows 10 and about half way through the flight the mouse would freeze and then the controls would freeze.
As I was flying with a virtual airlines the flight was lost. The solution for me was re installing windows 7 and it has worked fine for 6 months.
Being a former pilot the big thing will be to have the planes fly as they would in real life. Graphics should be good as well.A balance between frame rate and realism.

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Larry Johnson (keepitsimpleengineer) Trainee

① Bug fixes, especially G1000 Navigation/autopilot
② Directx12 and up
③ Multi GPU

robmissale Guest

Cold Start for all aircraft!

Barry Taylor Guest

ATC - Can you make this more realistic e.g. when you are required to change course, they give you a minimum of 30%, say change course to 285% from 315% - yet when called back on course, they bring you back to 310% which is only a 5% shift - BUT IT TAKES 30% TO DO IT!!!!!!

Compatibility - Am excited on the new projected sim and congratulations.
However, with all the money already spent on FSX throughout the world, will quality 3rd party add-ons be compatible with the new sim?
Thank you and good luck


I'd like to be able to play it offline too. I can't always afford to be online.

John Henkel Guest

64BIT, Don't change ATC Transparency and Backwards Compatibility - Johnman 😎

John Henkel Guest

How about a Combat Flight Simulator Capability - Shoot'em up and Shoot'em Down - CFS2 was a Flight Simulator I REALLY Enjoyed !! - Johnman

Baran777 Guest

It would be fantastic to have a realistic ATC, one of which actually controlled aircraft landing approach speeds, following distance between landing aircraft and realistic takeoff intervals.
I would also like to see realistic interaction of aircraft flying within clouds... Actually being enveloped by the clouds... With landing lights actually eluminate the clouds. Guest

1. 64 bit compatible;
2. High level world mesh;
3. Compatible with 3rd party products;
4. W10 compatible;
5. FSUIPC or similar installed;
6. Flight physics improved;
7. No internal ATC;
8. No flight school/missions; and
9. Affordable.


Jetwash Guest

1. 64 bit compatible;
2. High level world mesh;
3. Compatible with 3rd party products;
4. W10 compatible;
5. FSUIPC or similar installed;
6. Flight physics improved;
7. No internal ATC;
8. No flight school/missions; and
9. Affordable.



hello! i would like to see aiplanes landing with real space one from each other. i would like to be controlled by atc with real spacing....and so, to never discover planes going around or doing strange things....
for me, i cant understand landing in empty airports...why do i need to see perfect clouds, and not perfect environment traffic? ..
thanks in advance!

Jammerjonn Guest

Better ATC and a better manual! the current one for download needs a glossary and page\chapter number and please get rid of the yellow background! it eats up a lot of printer ink. also a built in ground services with push back.

Jammerjonn Guest

My review above is for X-Plane 10.45


Hello all and a big hello to Martin.

I would love to see,
1. Support for multiple monitors,
2. Decent ATC,
3. Decent WX, and,
4. A huge improvement on FSX .. I qualify this with the statement that I cannot fly FSX with more than two monitors
so FSX is useless to me.

I wish you and the team well in your endeavours.


Tony Guest

1..UT2 team
2.PMDG team
3..ORBX team
4..MILVIZ team
5..CERENADO team
6..REX team
7..AVSIM team
8..Airlines not a mickey mouse title on the ground at airport like soutwest..AA..etx
9..Entire cerenado aircrafts
10..Entire Milviz aircrafts
11..Entire PMDG aircrafts
12..Smooth running from the begining NO CRASH
13..curve monitor must with no problem
14..Keyboards must same like FSX no exception because more then one million pilot get use to it members must be gentle each other and informative each other
16..Lots off real airline pilot mission
17..Airforce base with all fighter aircraft
18..At list 10 or more fighters in the collection
19..flight school for beginers all the way ATP member has to check..
Mother board
Video card

Special team must contact and cominicate
May be two video card..may be two prosessor in one mother board

running Smooth very very important

Thank you all
wish you best
I,am 73 to kept me a life only Flight Simulator Guest

What would I like to see in FSX in the future? . . .

I would like to see (and am willing to pay for it) an aircraft carrier for FSX -- ideally one in each ocean -- that either (1) would be larger than usual and hence easy (or easier) to land, and one where the catapult and landing wires and hook worked (without having to go to this program and that to install parts of it, and then find that it does not really work).
I know that their are true realists who would spurn such an idea, but many like me would buy it for any amount.
(I used to regularly land at Opa Locka West, N of Miami, regularly in a Katana; it was near the same size as an aircraft carrier's landing deck. It was great; I can land on the FSX carriers (3rd party added) but the trapping and also the
catapults never seem to work. I am retired military, and hold a commercial license, single engine land, and an instrument rating, and some of the computer planes are more difficult than the actual real ones--because of no side vision, cockpit instruments take multiple buttons to get to, etc. This is not a complaint, FSX is wonderful! I am only saying, give us an easier carrier landing or an option for such. This is a computer game after all. ~ Also, I and others would love to see an aircraft that could fire some missiles (sidewinders or another--no need for 100 choices) into the
air forward. They need not destroy anything. I have used a program to save a flight and add missilles, but it is a hassle. ~ Anyway, thanks for what you create, you do a wonderful job.


Would like to see some scenery like Google Earth or Photoreal scenery used on this new flight sim.


There is a great lack in road textures.There are solid gray and just plain lines that represent roads and highways.REX has some textures for them but all the roads should be more definitive with solid black or concrete colors and white lane marking.
As far as train tracks they are also very plain and non distinctive .


1) Heavier reliance on graphics card support to relieve the processor workload. a significant graphics card should make a significant difference.
2) True multi core support, and preferably hyper thread support.
3) Doing away with FSX's VAS limitations.
4) Really, FSX with about 10 dozen add-ons makes a great sim. At first glance, the biggest weakness of FSX is that it's a single core app with no real graphics card support. But the needed 10 dozen add-ons make running FSX like building a house of cards. Fly one or two flights, the house collapses due to exceeding the VAS limits, and you have to restart the sim before flying the next leg of your planned flight operation. Making an FSX that's fully compatible with modern hardware and OS features should reduce the "house of cards" problem. That's what I want most.

Once those things are fixed,
5) Compatibitlity with Orbx and other high end scenery. I don't really want to invest in a second huge scenery library. I can make FSX work fine, and if I have to rebuy everything, I probably won't make the switch.
6) IF scenery compatibility has to be sacrificed, then provision for real next-level graphics. But I mean something significantly more advanced than P3D, which doesn't tempt me - at least at this point. Any real graphics advancement would have to be pretty considerable to make the expense of replacing everything at all tempting.

Something NOT to change: continue to allow add-on development. Vanilla FSX was never impressive, and would never have lasted on its own. It took the genius of countless people and small companies to turn FSX into something really worthwhile. If you try to do it all yourselves in one package, you'll never achieve the "legs" FSX has developed. Who else spends $100's for new computers and $100's for additional software just to play a 10 year old computer game? No one. (Actually Red Baron 3D came close, but that relied heavily on user created mods too to last until Rise of Flight came out.) I don't think you can ever achieve similar success without the contributions of independent free and payware add-ons.

Don Hodges Guest

1.) Rewrite FsX as 64 bit app and place graphics management in Graphics Card, not the CPU on mother board ..

easy to say, a huge tasks ..

James444 Guest

Number one - graphics. See Far Cry 3 and 4, and Tomb Raider 2013. Different genre but its a pc game. The graphics need to be off the charts. Anything even close to what we had 10 years ago is a deal breaker. Join the 21st century and get graphics for low level flying to a superb level. The world, by now, should be the real world. If the world doesn't look incredible it will be a waste of time. People and cars should act like people and cars, not grade school level attempts at AI. Make the world real.

Number two - realistic cockpits, switches, and systems. All systems in aircraft should be modeled, with the ability to turn on or off as many of these as is wanted. From rookie to expert flier. See IL2 Cliffs of Dover and later IL2 for how a cockpit should look and act with lighting.

Number three - flight models should be realistic. Again with the ability to make it less realistic to full realistic when flying.

Options - A good mission builder. A good scenery/airport software app to allow users to create any style building or terrain that can also be uploaded. This will allow users to build up their own cities to look realistic with proper buildings, terrain, and airports/airstrips, and leave Dovetail to not make all the detailed buildings in a city. Allow the users to do alot of it. As noted above, easy to use multi-screen options.

It's been 10 years since the last MSFS, time to retire all of that technology. Do not spend resources or money making the new one compantible with addons from 10 years ago. It's time to move on.

Rob Heuer Guest

Career mode Guest

More accurate approaches using the program's ATC.
Go around procedures that don't take you 50+ miles from the field.
More accurate tower locations. Most are too low or too far from the field and aircraft on the airport cannot be seen.
More working controls on aircraft consoles.
Working taxi lights on aircraft to better see while taxiing.
Gate numbers posted on or near jetways.
Realistic aircraft damage when landing with no gear, broken gear, off field, or on water.
A larger variety of auto-ATC and pilot voices.
More missions and challenges.
The ability to create custom interior and exterior camera positions/angles.

Jeff Hale Guest

More accurate approaches using the program's ATC.
Go around procedures that don't take you 50+ miles from the field.
More accurate tower locations. Most are too low or too far from the field and aircraft on the airport cannot be seen.
More working controls on aircraft consoles.
Working taxi lights on aircraft to better see while taxiing.
Gate numbers posted on or near jetways.
Realistic aircraft damage when landing with no gear, broken gear, off field, or on water.
A larger variety of auto-ATC and pilot voices.
More missions and challenges.
The ability to create custom interior and exterior camera positions/angles.

soundrats Guest

In short:
- full compatibility with the FSX addons
- 64bit
- DX11 (and upcoming)
- using of multiple graphic cards
- a modern graphic engine
- no need for lots of default planes
- modern user interface

MisterMedia Guest

Automatic Balanced use us of ALL cores to increase performance and smooth FPS!


A fully working FMC in all airliners.

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lucky209 Trainee

Would like to this new simulator with no crashes or lockups this very frustrating when flying on long haul flights. Also would like it to be 64 bit.
Thanks for you attention.

John Shackleton Guest

I would like to see a big improvement in the scenery files.

Morney Guest

What about a career type gameplay where you have to start out as a trainee and work your way up to the big birds. Obviously being able to choose the difficulty and time it will take to reach it.
Maybe allow at some stage for the player to choose to start its own company or choose to fly for another. also add the FSPassengers X, Just Flight - Air Hauler and cargo pilot features .

Chilledman Guest

Great news, can't wait, I'd like to see compatibility with existing add on scenery and aircraft and better performance so that all the "sliders" can be set to maximum, without having to have a top of the range gaming rig!!

IZ0JUB Guest

PLEASE make it compatible with FSX and FSX Steam scenery.


64 bit please!!!....I don't care if I have to re-buy addons - the 32 bit limitation just HAS to go at some point. We can't have it both ways i.e. hang on to all our old addons forever AND (necessarilly) have 64 bit as well. I am prepared to take the pain of having to re-buy the new 64 bit versions of addon over time if it means getting the benefits of 64 bit. Perhaps some companies will offer their new 64 bit versions for free to existing customers...

VRS Tacpack compatibility. And do keep VRS in the loop along the way - there appears (?) to be some politics over the latest P3D v3 because LM didn't give VRS a heads up about the upcoming update to v3. Six months on and P3D v3 still isn't supported by Tacpack.

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conguero01 Trainee

It Should Have A better ATC And Flight Planning mode.


Above all else, in order, I think their priorities should be:
1) 64bit sim to allow full memory useage.
2) to allow the sim to use all cores found in the CPU.
3) ability to recognise SLi
4) full compatibility with current ORBX scenery.
If they can achieve that, then I'll be a happy bunny!

topfly62 Guest

The most needed improvements are:

1) 64 bit
2) VAS management for cpu and graphics card sharing to STOP out of memory (OOM) errors
3) enhanced scenery - e.g. Orbx, google maps


Link to google maps to use satalite imagery
64bit compatable
Improved flight dynamics
Improved ATC
GPS to include established holding patterns
Closer liaison with 3rd party providers, Orbx, Rex, ASN, FSUSIP. No need to reinvent the world when others already do it
Allow the FS software to interrogate users system to set sliders to optimum settings
Compatible with current 3rd party software.
Accurate approach procedures
Top end graphics

Ben Stratford Guest

I would like to see compatibility to some extend for the millions (?) Of add-ons that are already available for FSX. Those of us that have spent a fortune on add-ons do not want to spend another fortune on add-ons for yet another simulator.

I'm looking forward to a new sim with 64bit capability but only if there is the compatibility for SOME of the already available add-ons 🙂

Fair_Player[PL] Guest

First of all. I am old school FS pilot (from 1997). All features from FSX should be avaible in new FS + of course MANY MORE Which FSX can not give!!!!
Many virtual pilots are waiting for good multiplayer and sharing cockpit feature (in fsx you can do that but without AI-ATC and AI-traffic). It would be nice to fly with friend in same plane in fully AI ATC and Traffic session. Then one pilot can focus on

piloting the plane second take care about systems, nav, comunication, reading sid stars and of course visual observation. Or other scenario- to learn friends to fly in FS because you need to learn rather much.

1. Tools for udating NAV database (after some years some radio aids what you can find on SID STARS plates they are not in FS) for FSX I have found the way how to update FSX via "easynav" and BGL editor but I think that such a tool should be built in into FS

2. Tool for making shared cockpit feature for planes which does not suport shared cockpit. Something to describe all buttons one by one to buttons on clinet side (IP, DNS, etc needed to preform connection)

2. Support for 3rd party stuff (planes/scenery there is many things and it would be rather bad idea to destroy thousends working hours of programists.

a) Scenery: ORBIX, FS GLOBAL/VECTOR & LC Europe FTX, Drzewiecki Design, Flight One should be compatybile (if DTG will make it better then I dont care, but it must so detailed to give posibility to do VFR flights (roads, tunels, radio antena masts, golf fields, churches, railroads etc). If you will instal PLAN G with global vector and FTX norway for example, its so detailed that in plan g I have even small roads near my twon.) PLAN G its nice program for VFR planing. RECOMENDED

b) Planes: A2A, PMDG, Flight One, Feelthere, Carenado should be compatibile

3. Graphic is not so important but PHISICS + PHISICS + PHISICS + PHISICS This is FS not a battlefield or GTA15

4. Track IR support + tuch down/G effects (something like EZCA)

5. 64 bit aplication - to give posilbility to usemore than 4GB RAM

6. VERY ADVANCED ATC with VFR/IFR SID/STARS & HOLDING, ground operations, marshals, traffic regulation (firstway-who when and how) etc

7. Advanced traffic system (something like "my traffic" with posibility for smal AI planes to do training flights over small airfields and more.

8. PLANES: minimum level of detail like A2A, PMDG, Flight One (Majestic Software Dash 8 Q400 - PRO Edition) with full failure simulation generated by pilot foults engine overstresses (for example like A2A C172 warming up/cooling down to rapidly can cause a damage not in the same flight but It can cause damage in future flights)
a) Advanced Visual damage system (not only "CRASH"
b) Colisions with birds cause damages
c) Posibility to walk around plane and in the plane for pre flight inspection and for fun

9. Airline/plane owner - Connection with airhauler, "FS AIRLINES", and FS PASSNENGER. Posibility to run company with friends, career module, ranking for pilots (FS passengers(licences&built in exams like in FSX in learning center, then the players in airline can get the plane for what they have licence).
a) posibility to make a competition in busines between airlines of other players (owners)
b) passengers and cargo should be sensitive for overstresses or bad manoovers (like in fs passengers)
c) All other futures what fspassenger and fs airlines offer.
d) Hanger for planes (look at A2A C172)
e) Players in airline can make flight together is same plane as pilot and CO-pilot in full AI-traffic/ATC world supported (as like in single player). Nice feature would be to give posibility to see other players in that same sesions too. Then small airfields would be filled in with AI planes and more busy with AI + PALYERS because without AI the airspace is very empty. Players can comunicate to each other near and with AI ATC and AI TRAFFIC via ATC menu like FSX has. That is the most important in my opinion, I would brought much better game play.

10. Replay tool where you can place camera where you want to look for your take offs and landings

11. Last place is GRAPHIC. It can not be worse than FSX with FTX's, globals, vectors, REX4, and this
I have tweeked cfg. file to generate more trees and buildings. For strong PC its not a problem. AS gammers say: IF fisx runs with addons and tweeked cfg on MAX HD then every game will run 😀

Matthew Robert Jones Guest

I geuss for me, off line it would be interesting to see if the ai could be made more human. I mean not just the voices etc but also the ability for them to make mistakes (like humans do) rather than being 100 percent perfect. Errors such as crashes, low fuel, collisions, bad landings, wrong radio calls. Although rare it would be interesting to see.

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DECK Trainee

It would be great to see some sort of book in the 3D cockpit that you can click on and go through all your Pre Flight, In flight and Before landing checks. Guest

Improved airport sceneries would be greatly appreciated. More aircrafts sitting on tarmacs, etc. etc.

hughjthompson Guest

Re new Dovetail Games Flight Sim. An end to the dreaded OMM (Out of Virtual Memory) messages. The problem can't always be with an indivdiuals PC system and it's spec, surely something can be done with the programming code.

Also backwards compatability with all FSX aircraft and scenery products. Guest

😀 I would like to see in the new flight sim proper and accurate Air Traffic Control, the Atc in Fsx was non factual as an ex Airtrafficer I was amazed that it was so bad, even at height airliners were calling airfields for transit through their zones, this did not happen, in uk we have such a thing called Upper Air Control of airways. So let the designers get the ATC side if sims at least something near to how it all happens.
The other thing was that lacking was the aircraft walkround to check everything was in the right place not just a case of kicking the tyres and going.
Here's to a new sim on the block.
Regards Nick Lewis Ex RAF ATC & Railway Signaller.

Paul Adams Guest

I would like to see people inside cabins and out.
Also more realistic looking roads and bridges, as they normally look quite fake.
Also easy download of any additional scenery or aircraft as this can be troublesome at the best of times.

Chris Steele Guest

1.The VR ie the visual representation of earth really is lacking it needs updating STAT. My suggestion is FSX partner with Google Maps who have a much better representation of the world via satellite.
2. The VORs and NDB and Waypoints are WAAAAAAY out of date. There needs to be an update to them STAT.
3. The SIDS and STARS are also WAAAY out of date and most new approaches are absent esp in local airports.
4. Finally but certainly not last. The Garmin 1000 that comes pre-programmed with the Cesna 142/152 is a joke. Nearly all of the buttons do not work. It can't be programmed to select and approach, the maps can not be updated, the menu for things like Top up/Magnetic Up does not work. I could go on forever. It's loong over due for an update. Ps. I presently use the G1000 add on from mindstar, but I have had nothing but bad service ever since I purchased it.

Charles Chammartin Guest

1. keep the frame rate as high as possible
2. Add as many add-ons and sceneries directly downloadable from you store inclusive their updates
3. cooperate closely with the people who have extended so much the possibilities of FSX: FSUIPC, TacPack, Orbix, FSCommander, FSRecorder.
4. Find a way to update the navigations databank with the help of Navigraph
5. Give us multiligual simulator !

Good luck we are looking forward to your new baby.

Charles Chammartin

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WingedGeezer Trainee

Yay...A bigger and better FSX. BUT 😛lease consider a method of retaining as many of the many-many addons that exist for the current FSX Steam versions. Perhaps a compatibility utility or a compatibility generator to 'fix' older software. I understand the difficulties involved but consider the advantages of avoiding having old holdouts who don't want to abandon some to the features that the old enhancements provide.

Russ Goodridge Guest

A simulator that runs smoothly along with incorporating ALL systems. DCS (Digital Combat Simulations) has an extremely fast and accurate combat simulator that runs all systems in the aircraft, A-10 Warthog. If this can indeed be implemented into this sim it would be well worth my time to use it for recurrent training, or just sightseeing.


Standardize system, default aircraft package include carrier with matching fighter and helicopter set up ready to go.Fighter and copter panel have a/p with speed dial setting, gps, radio operate much like the passenger jets do. All aircraft panels include gps, a/p speed control, radio.When you down load package it should have state of the art, scenery, airports, airplanes, helicopters, carriers, if possible?Make the entire experience as close to real life as possible. Eliminate the need to do add on's and a/p's I usually fly couple large passenger jets, small jet, fighter, large helicopter and very seldom fly the other stuff.My personal experience with fsx world is, the downloading and installing of different aircraft and stuff is much more difficult than flying the planes and takes much too much time. I prefer to spend time flying aircraft not on installing, changing file, etc. Some downloads are like a puzzle with a few pieces missing others tell you exactly how and it goes smoothly. George
p.s f16 with gps, a/p, radio, have best cockpit visibility and is most user friendly for a good take off and landing experience

D4VEH Guest

Better graphics and flight dynamics and backwards compatibility with everything I have bought from numerous add on providers!

More realistic airport environment would be great too.


- bugs free
- 64 bit
- ability to easily transfer all the add-ons from the current FSX
- better environment at airports, such as passengers boarding the plane (most can be done with GSX but I'd like to see actual passengers boarding the plane)
- Realistic crashes, example if ditch in the water for emergency or if you crash during landing etc..
- Ability to shot and destroy if flying with a military airplane, would be good to have separate military mission etc..
- Cabin crew intercom system to passengers and cockpit, this makes flying even more realistic
- Speed up the loading time.. for example, if you load a particular scenery the first time, don't see why I have to wait the same time loading it again on my next flight..
- Realistic coast lines, including beaches, resorts etc... But I guess that's what ORBX is for !
- Realistic ATC and emergency procedures
- SIDs and STARs for all airports and ability to update the latest info for free.. I don't see why I have to pay for that !
- Improve on the Eye-Candy (streets, cars, lights, traffic lights, waves, thunderstorms, snow, rain etc...)
- Improve shadow inside the cockpit, such that when turning the plane you can see the sunshine moving around the cockpit

And everything else everyone else said....


I would love to see realism as much as possible . Games cgi seem to be more sophisticated than anything in the flight sim field. I understand sims need to be global which makes it difficult for the makers but I would like to see more realistic areas. really complicated flight dynamics are for the officianados of the sim worlds but some of us would just like to fly and for a simplified price as well.

Hubert92 Guest

Please, make sur that you next FS use corretly multi-core CPU and DX12 in order to improve the scenes.
And put short-cut button on the screen for the most used functions, instead of using menu-submenu.
And more detailled and realistic ground view without buying expensive add-on.

Fred Dye Guest

What I would like to see different that Microsoft FSX - easy, no more OOMs



compatible to all previous FSX releases without reworking them

Partnering up with ORBX and others is Great BUT they better have a proper "UNINSTALL" package (Orbx files deleted your files and scrapped my whole Steam setup)

Provide optional DISC -- a 6 hour download is the height of STUPIDITY - run disc - setup - and go with fresh install has to be a priority.

Shopdog1960 Guest

How bout a copilot you can actually see and have them help out. Also, passengers in the planes and airports. GSX has a good thing going with bringing passengers by bus to plane but I would like to see them exit bus and enter plane. Tired of flying alone!!

Flyingant Guest

I hope that DTG will address the poor low contrast shadow effects inherent in FSX. Prepar 3D has made a significant improvement in this area including cloud cast ground shadows,hopefully Flight Simulator 2016 will include these graphical improvements. The slow jittery playback mode available in FSX also needs to be improved. 😀

Stephen Borick Guest

For those of you who don't know me, I'm the arrogant guy over at Next Generation Flight Simulator who believes that the next generation of flight simulations have to be based upon new up-to-date technologies, rather than attempting to take old tech and bandage it to look sorta new.

The attempt here is not to hi-jack this thread regarding DTFS, but to advise those who are interested that posting your ideas for what you'd like to see in the new DTFS is perhaps a bit redundant at this stage of the process.

In the exercise of designing, or in this case... re-designing, an engine to accept feature sets, a date comes along called a "freeze date" or in other words, no more additional features for the proposed release from this date forward. The reason for this is due to an item called a schedule and to keep adding more items to the already proposed list of items beyond a "freeze date" would only serve to prolong the release. Since DTFS is scheduled for a 2016 release, you can bet that "freeze date" has come and gone.

If DTFS is actually paying attention to the community (which I hope they are) they'll take your suggestions and if they're not already in the current design, file them away for a future release.

I'm personally pulling for DTFS and more so for DT Flight School. Any attempt to pump new blood into the world of virtual flight and prolong a hobby that so many of us enjoy, I'm in favor of.

One thing to keep in mind though is the limitations of the binding core of the engine in use. I'm not going to go into details, but an example will suffice. Those of you who are Falcon fans will know exactly what I'm talking about.

Falcon BMS a very significant mod of the original Falcon is a real beauty to behold, especially in light of the original. What's important to understand is that the basis of BMS was a very good flight dynamics and military engagement system already in place... which is the very reason why Falcon is still viable today. Without this core, it's doubful that BMS would have been able to have the following that it enjoys. In addition to bug fixes and tweaks, the BMS team has done a remarkable job with the original graphics engine...the differences from the original are indeed significant, especially in light of the limitations. However, BMS is reaching the extent of those limitations and as it stands will never obtain the level of AAA graphics as they are known today.

The FSX engine has it's own limitations, it's just the nature of the beast and how it utilizes tiles and textures. There have of course been some very significant breakthroughs that allow for real world data to be employed, i.e. satellite imagery, Open Street Map data, etc. etc., but... the core engine (which has some code dating back to the 90's) wasn't designed to manage such extensive data at an efficient rate of processing in order for you to fly virtually with all the today expectations of physics and graphics.

A new, more robust, more modern methodologies needs to be employed in order to obtain the fidelity that is possible with today's software and hardware.

As I said, I'm rooting for Dovetail Games... I fully expect Flight School, especially in light of the information that is out there about Flight School, to fulfill a much needed aspect of all those who are interested in learning more than they already know regarding flight, especially for newcomers, who look at the sophisticated elements that go way beyond GTV Flightschool, and find a reasonable path to becoming proficient in actual flight techniques accessible.

But to expect any simulator based upon old tech to fulfill the wants, desires and needs of a community that has outgrown the physics and graphics capabilities of yesteryear... one only needs to look elsewhere to see the results after several years of re-development.



I want to have a 64 bit version with multi core CPU support unconditionally. Better landscape textures (see Google Maps), multi-display support and the support of the new DirectX versions are also important base requirements for an up-to-date SW.

Additionally, I suggest to add the following enhancements:

- Open and enhance the internal interfaces of FSX for the "normal user" without the necessity to download and pay for different add-on software packages. For example, I want to have built-in support to modify the existing airplanes and to create new airplanes (including 3D modeling, textures, cockpit istruments, physical behavoiur) and modify/add airports, buildings and change the landscape for experimenting and on-line file sharing purpuses. Document them well inside the SW. Create different releases of the SW if it is necessary: a base version for flying only, and an enhanced version which includes all these extras. I will buy that with extras, if they are well integrated.

- Enhance the built-in training/help system to support the learning process for all built-in airplanes. What are the different cockpit switches and instruments for? Explain all them in details. How to start and land an Airbus or a Boeing 737, 747? How to navigate? How to use the autopilot and the ILS? There are a lot of external online resources and books to explain all these issues. The most important parts of them should consistently be integrated into the new SW.

- Open the help/training API to make user enhancements of them well documented and easily accessible. Using this API the FSX community can incredible improve the content of the internal help/training material.

- Please take care of users with non-US keyboard too: the keyboard mapping should not be fixed to US in the help/training material.

- Add people, more airplane and vehicle traffic to the airports to better simulate the real environment.

Mario oliveira Guest

Have a look at GTA 5 and battlefield 4 graphics on a good gaming pc then then new flight Sim has to match the graphics of those games no matter what , it is possible , if dice and Rockstar could do it , dovetail can too those games has the same 3d simulation or even more then any flight Sim ever builded ,water,mountains,buildings , clouds alot of moving objects and still my pc runs it on ultra resolution at 144 fps solid ,make the new flight Sim SLI multi gpu friendly and like every expensive video editor software make gpu do the processor job do that dovetail gpu in sli needs to help the processor to run the game at its full awesome power

Sli multi gpu friendly Guest

Have a look at GTA 5 and battlefield 4 graphics on a good gaming pc then then new flight Sim has to match the graphics of those games no matter what , it is possible , if dice and Rockstar could do it , dovetail can too those games has the same 3d simulation or even more then any flight Sim ever builded ,water,mountains,buildings , clouds alot of moving objects and still my pc runs it on ultra resolution at 144 fps solid ,make the new flight Sim SLI multi gpu friendly and like every expensive video editor software make gpu do the processor job do that dovetail gpu in sli needs to help the processor to run the game at its full awesome power

Pro Member Trainee
Steve (LTCSZ) Trainee

Why not include a built in scenery editor that would allow users to place static objects into scenery? Shouldn't be too difficult; Maybe a partnership with one of the existing scenery editor companies? Thanks...

Tom McDiermon Guest

I found that the world does not revolve around Microsoft.

Pro Member Trainee
CSSZiegler Trainee

New Flight Simulator should be FAA Certified Approved Level 3 AATD just like X-Plane and Prepar3D are.

Default graphics should be like ORBX FTX worldwide.

All addons that were ever created by people and developers should already integrated in so that there should be no need to download addons anymore due to costs. I don't carry if I have to pay more money for the core program. It's the addons that add up quickly.

There should be a cloud-based version of the program as well.

There should be mobile versions as well.


I would like to see some more real world Helipads like the one on the River Thames, also a bit more detail in some
of the difficult to land airports.

Graham White Guest

If I am going to buy updates, I want runways & taxiway changes in real life kept up to date. Else what am I really paying for long term?

steve tanner Guest

i can echo all of the comments made. 64 bit a must if possible cross compatible add ons and i will volunteer to be a bet tester


- use of 64 bit technology of course
- potential to use VR headset so all buttons pressed effectively by hand just like the real thing
- ability to use existing FSX addons
- a good solution for AI traffic


I would like to have the presence of a pilot/ copilot when flying from a 3D cockpit. It looks kinda weird to see an empty cockpit during flight. It could also be awesome if we could select among a range of male/ female crew.

Another thing I miss is the natural movement of clouds when hit by the propellers (general aviation).

Finally, the water drops running down the windshield, which could be seen being swept by the windscreen wiper.

Currently, we depend on the whim level that some publishers dedicate to their paywere aircrafts to have eycandies like these.

grofada Guest

Please 2D panels, Missions and possibility of free scenery and aircrafts

Pro Member First Officer
lionlicker First Officer

Avatar based where you can walk, jump, run in the simulation. Jump out of one aircraft, and enter/operate any other plane, train, boat, or automobile that happens to be nearby. Jump out of an aircraft mid flight and deploy parachute.

Strong single player target, where you don't have to be on the internet to enjoy the sim. Don't have to be on FaceBook or any social media to receive proper support.

Able to buy a proper box retail version - not have to download everything on internet. Not having to get another enormous update every second week - try to keep updates under moderation.

Keep all the present FSX features - - a good initial set of aircraft (and other craft), a good info and help library, a great training and lessons feature, great missions, a global map, good weather modeller, total freedom in free flight mode.

I prefer priority given to proper real life physics rather than over flashy graphics - but should be able to have both nowadays.

Might have to let go of previous add-on compatibility.

John McCann Guest

Can we have a simulator each please (might have to build a new garage but it will be worth it),an airport(can I have Prestwick it'll only take me 5 mins to get there),and an aircraft (Cessna will do me) for £10 please?

rayfry Guest

DTG Have stated that the next FS will be 64bit release date as yet unknown, we may get more info in the coming months as they will be attending the shows this year.

ray fry

rayfry Guest

Cryss at DTG may be able to give some info on the new flight simulator in the next few weeks.

Ray Fry.


Accurate Runway placement, complete with undulations. Guest

Flying is fun but after some time the ONLY thing you become interested in are the landscape and the scenery you see and that are photoreal id the real world satellite pictures.
"Megascenery" is one that provides such real world scenery.
If not compatible = no future for this new flysimulator !

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