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Dovetail Games Flight Simulator: What do you want to see?

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Pro Member Site Admin
Flyaway Site Admin

As you all know, Dovetail Games have announced their new Flight Simulator which is based on FSX:

We'd love to know what you would like to see in the next simulator the whole community is excited about.

What features, functionality and advancements from FSX would you like to see in this new sim from Dovetail Games?

Please post your comments on this thread by clicking on "Post Reply".

You don't even have to register to post - you can also post as a guest.

Thank you!

Fly Away Simulation, Flight Sim #1


X-plane level graphics (night lighting, cars, etc) with the same flight fidelity as FSX. Also, better performance to run all necessary add-ons such as aircraft, airport scenery, city scenery and landclass.

eliassmith02 Guest

The use of 64 bit would definately be an advantage and help with overall performance


A through rework of the Panel layout system such that using a multiple monitor system, readily supported now by most video cards, would be simple and automatic and not involve the hours of drudgery required because the original FSX used arbitrary assumptions about display environments.

SensingFailure Guest

-The ability to use all switches in cockpits of planes, and the ability to lock them out based on difficulty settings. This is something very advanced users, such as myself, would prefer.
-Passenger models in commercial aircraft.


Will scenery be compatible with existing FSX and ORBX scenery


Maintain or improve accuracy of flight characteristics first and foremost; then nice multi-monitor support; true scenery maybe linked from google's sat pix; more realistic/in depth radio operation; online interaction/traffic with other sim pilots.

MaxDS Guest

Just wondering if you are aware that this same very question was asked (by Martin of DTG) on Steam om May 5, 2015. There have been 1,589 replies, with last one (so far) on March 7, 2016

Though DTG (Martin) never did return back to the thread until it went past 1,400 post.

So, if you are interested in reading what people are wanting, that thread is a great place to start.

geoff_pyke Guest

I agree with what most of the others have said.
The ability to use add-on scenery already purchased for FSX - a real show stopper.

Use of 64bit technology and multi core cpu.

Thanks for the continued support of the flight simulator family.

Jake Minihan Guest

Cross compatibility! I AM NOT buying the PMDG 777 for a 3rd time!!

Justin Cerezo Guest

Asides from the things they already mentioned, I'd LOVE to see:

1. PHYSICS PHYSICS PHYSICS. The one thing really that XP beats out FSX or even P3D at, that is the flight dynamics, and that is the main argument the people who play with XP make. If DTG could implement a realistic flight modeling characteristics, it would be a big plus.

2. More partnerships with other third company software/aircraft makers. It is great to see them partner with Piper already, but it would be nice to see them teaming up with A2A, PMDG, Carenado, ASN, etc to make it extremely competitive to begin with.

3. Dynamic Lighting. Make night flying actually dark and difficult to see. I know in FSX, you can still easily see the ground when you fly at night vs real life.

Phil Faidley Guest

Having been an MSFS since the beginning, I have seen great advancements in almost 3 decades. Although happy that Steam took FS on board, it felt like a bit of a backward step to migrate. Problems with Win 8.1 and compatibility of some legacy addons made things painful.

I would like to see a good generic (not product dependent) hangar/livery management tool for included and addon aircraft simpler than having to edit the .cfg files. I could manage my favourite fleets better. This is a "nice to have".

I would like to see an effective method to manage airport scenery better. Included airports in my part of the world are rubbish and I like to update them with correct runways, taxiways, signage, gates, etc. Not being able to simply move scenery artefacts around, or create exclusion to get rid of the bushes in the middle of new runways is a pain. An SDK that works in WYSIWYG fashion (that dates me) would be a definite advantage for those who tinker, but are not experts in the graphics tools available.

Multi-monitor support (wide screen, etc) would be a definite plus, as would any ongoing improvements in performance to further enhance the "real as it gets" look and feel.

Thanks a lot

Threedee Guest

Please 2D panels!!!! I use 4 touch screens

James Brown Guest

Hi i would like to see the new simulator use the graphic card gpu more than fsx, also all the 3rd party scenery and airports and aircraft work in the new simulator and also direct x latest version be used so the frame rates are very high and constant.
Also make this new simulator work in windows 10 and future versions.

PeterSue11 Guest

I would like to see that all the aircraft that works on FSX and FS 2009 be compatible on the new simulator without modifications.
Detailed scenery & up to date airport structures and out-lay plans would be nice. Also, the ability to upgrade to the newest airport constructions and locations as they are built would be nice.

sp-tmk Guest

Ok Im waiting on somthing new

Pro Member Trainee
ap69pl Trainee

OK Im waiting for somthing new

DeezyWeezy33 Guest

I would like to see a very wide range(vast) of military, commercial (with all of the airlines), and general aviation aircraft(business jets/Cessna/Beechcraft/piper the whole nine yards), that you can both fly and they automatically be in the game as AI traffic as well. No more having to download payware or freeware aircraft/scenery/blahh! Just include it all in the main price of the actual game itself!

ken shauntz Guest

The biggest problem I had with FSX Steam was the controls. I was running windows 10 and about half way through the flight the mouse would freeze and then the controls would freeze.
As I was flying with a virtual airlines the flight was lost. The solution for me was re installing windows 7 and it has worked fine for 6 months.
Being a former pilot the big thing will be to have the planes fly as they would in real life. Graphics should be good as well.A balance between frame rate and realism.

Pro Member Trainee
keepitsimpleengineer Trainee

① Bug fixes, especially G1000 Navigation/autopilot
② Directx12 and up
③ Multi GPU

robmissale Guest

Cold Start for all aircraft!

Barry Taylor Guest

ATC - Can you make this more realistic e.g. when you are required to change course, they give you a minimum of 30%, say change course to 285% from 315% - yet when called back on course, they bring you back to 310% which is only a 5% shift - BUT IT TAKES 30% TO DO IT!!!!!!

Compatibility - Am excited on the new projected sim and congratulations.
However, with all the money already spent on FSX throughout the world, will quality 3rd party add-ons be compatible with the new sim?
Thank you and good luck


I'd like to be able to play it offline too. I can't always afford to be online.

John Henkel Guest

64BIT, Don't change ATC Transparency and Backwards Compatibility - Johnman Cool

John Henkel Guest

How about a Combat Flight Simulator Capability - Shoot'em up and Shoot'em Down - CFS2 was a Flight Simulator I REALLY Enjoyed !! - Johnman

Baran777 Guest

It would be fantastic to have a realistic ATC, one of which actually controlled aircraft landing approach speeds, following distance between landing aircraft and realistic takeoff intervals.
I would also like to see realistic interaction of aircraft flying within clouds... Actually being enveloped by the clouds... With landing lights actually eluminate the clouds. Guest

1. 64 bit compatible;
2. High level world mesh;
3. Compatible with 3rd party products;
4. W10 compatible;
5. FSUIPC or similar installed;
6. Flight physics improved;
7. No internal ATC;
8. No flight school/missions; and
9. Affordable.


Jetwash Guest

1. 64 bit compatible;
2. High level world mesh;
3. Compatible with 3rd party products;
4. W10 compatible;
5. FSUIPC or similar installed;
6. Flight physics improved;
7. No internal ATC;
8. No flight school/missions; and
9. Affordable.



hello! i would like to see aiplanes landing with real space one from each other. i would like to be controlled by atc with real spacing....and so, to never discover planes going around or doing strange things....
for me, i cant understand landing in empty airports...why do i need to see perfect clouds, and not perfect environment traffic? ..
thanks in advance!

Jammerjonn Guest

Better ATC and a better manual! the current one for download needs a glossary and page\chapter number and please get rid of the yellow background! it eats up a lot of printer ink. also a built in ground services with push back.

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