Is it me? A plea for more freeware and shareware

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Is it me?

Although the free ware FSX Civil Jets and Prop Jobs can go neck and neck with most payware offerings, I'm not so sure when it comes to military jets.. They are toilet!
Stiff, lacking features and sloppily written.
Before a warren of troll and orcs issue forth to do battle with me let me state here and now that I make no
claim to or pretences of, being able to better the current efforts but there must be a group of greenswarded companions deep in the SIM forests; each of differing size, skills, character, and dare I say it sex? who can code up a crisp, crackling, combat Komodo that will live on in memory long after the pilots have gone on to raise families and work for the Apple Store, code for Microsoft, or even; design for Lockheed Martin.
A real VC cockpit and a 2d for those early days when learners need to swap between sanity and reality as the once again takeoff without having referred to the beautifully written manuals.
Indulge us with a cockpit where every switch has a function and a satisflying click!

NB. Satisflying is not a text error.

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Damm I got the bold type the wrong way round!

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