PMDG 737-800 download error

NickT2 Guest

Hi all,

I recently uninstalled my 737-800 PMDG as flight deck wasn't showing correctly. I have the link from PMDG to reinstall it but an error message pops up saying.......

"FS9 version (FS9.1 at least) required. You only have FS9 Version Installed. Please Install FS9.1 or later to use this product."

I have downloaded the update but that gets stuck on Processing: modules\AI_PLAYR.DLL and then an error pops up saying it is unable to install.

The other strange thing, when I check FS it says I have version 9.1 build 40901.01?!

PMDG have stopped support for FS9 products so no help from them.

Im using FS9 and windows 7.

Any ideas?!

Many thanks


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RadarMan Chief Captain

Uninstall it.
If you use this way be sure to follow every step or it won't work.

Another way, easier.

Then reinstall it, patch it before you fly it.
Then take a short flight to see if it work, then install your aircraft, one at a time.
If you load too many at one time and get an error you won't know what's causing it.


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