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Lost all my default liveries for my default 737-800 aircraft

Rick G Guest

Very strange, all the appropriate "N" registrations are still there, you can still transmit/receive ATC transmissions, and all the 737-800 aircraft have gone "White!" I thought I got them back, checked all my
default 747 aircraft, all intact, and when I move my cursor over to the first 737 aircraft, I had my liveries back! That was short lived as once I left the flight and came back to FSX, all the 737's have gone white again?

Any suggestions, I'd love to hear them! Thanks - Rick

Rick G Guest

I think I got it. I thought about it for a little bit and asked myself, why don't you chose another FSX default aircraft, in a colored livery and a different aircraft from the 737. I chose the 747 with the Boeing blue livery, selected it to be my FSX default, and now when I go back into FSX and I pull up my 737 aircraft, I have my liveries back! I may run it this way for awhile and then try to go back to a 737 default, but not WHITE this time!

Thanks guys, I learned something today! Hopefully, someone else might stumble onto this problem it will help them also!

Happy flying! - Rick

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