IRIS F-16D Aggressor Splinter Repaint

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Hi there! Looking for some advice/instructions from the "administrator" or anyone else that could help on how to "post" a repaint I recently completed. I've done a lot of repaints using the paintkits that come with the planes I have, but I've never tried to share/upload one.
The repaint I recently did is for the payware "IRIS Pro Series F-16D" I have, and it's the 18th Aggressor Squadron's "Alaskan Splinter Wing King" paint scheme. Technically speaking it's a fictitious one, as IRIS' Viper is a "D" model and the real F-16 #86-314 is a "C" model. So in the spirit of "artistic license", I went ahead and painted the CFT "F" model that comes with the IRIS package (in the PAF or Polish AF texture) with the same "Splinter" paint scheme! I can provide aircraft_config instructions (and thumbnails) for the user/downloader to fully integrate both "D" and "F" repaints into their IRIS "fallback" system in all the available Training, CAS, CAP, etc, roles. (i.e., I've got 3 "F" textures, "PAF,UAE, and AK_Splinter" in various loadouts in my FSX "tree").
I've been a memeber for a little while now and downloaded other folks' awesome repaints (Thanks for the awesome UAE repaint!), and I appreciate all their hard work (I know how tedious it can get!), so when I finished this one I thought there might be others out there that would like to have the "Splinter" camo scheme on their plane!
Thanks in advance for the help/advice!

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