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FA/MM N.A Miller, USN Ret Guest

Hello there, we are an active TS3 server that deals with mostly flight simulation and other games. We are back on line after a few months being down and are open for business.

We support FSHOST, FSOPEN, FSCLOUD, VATSIM -- All Flight Sims (8,9,10), P3d, X-Plane.

This server requires registration and is open around the world to all nations.

It is FREE to Register and there is no Donator status. (Being a non profit) for the enjoyment of this hobby.

In addition to Flight Sim, We are a gaming community, that is open for many games, as we support over 25+ games, that range from First person Shooting, Trucking, Space, Strategy, Combat, Farming, and many more.

We are currently in testing of our new server for our TS and games we support. (Coming soon)

it is an HP ProLiant ML350 G6 Server -- 2x 2.8Ghz processors (upgrading to 3.1) and 96 Gb of ram (upgrading to 144 mb soon) We are looking to deploy by November of this year.

We are not busy atm due to our return to online status, and are just now getting visibility status.

(Reg members do stop in from time to time) Please excuse our dust as we are still building and changing things. To better Serve the Public.

Stop on by and check us out.

FA/MM N.A Miller, USN Ret. (Lead Admin)

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FA/MM N.A Miller USN Ret. Guest

new addy

Just an update.

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