Free FSX Acceleration download?

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Anyone know where I can get the Acceloration extension for FSX perferably as a free download? I jus have the standard FSX Gold edition CD game. Used to have the Acceloration version way back but the disk stopped working before I was able to instal it to a new PC & since Microsoft appears to be very stingy with their games that include extensions like Acceloration people selling them are overpricing them forcing me to resort to replacing it a more basic copy of FSX. Some addons like the F-14 mega pack don't seem to work without Acceloration which is why I'm asking. I would also like to get back the F-18, EH-101 & P-51 & the bonus missions that Acceloration used to have.

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Here is the link on havent tested it yet:
Deluxe edition + Acceleration, hope you enjoy it.

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