FSX Acceleration Download?

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Luke (warlord40) First Officer

Been surfing the net for awhile, and cant find a downloadable version of it.
If you have any links, I would be most grateful.

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Llain First Officer

I think it is only available on DVD

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CRJCapt Chief Captain

I agree, I've only seen it in stores or online on DVD next to Flight Simulator.

Jack4574 Guest

I'm guessing Microsoft is being too stingy(greedy?) to part with Acceloration & make it avalale to the public domain for free. I wish they would. I think enough time has passed for them to at least consider this. Some addons don't work without it & I miss the military stuff Acceloration used to have. I wish they would at lest make a Steam version of an Acceloration DLC compatibal with CD installed or Steam FSX for like around $5. 

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RadarMan Chief Captain

Although Microsoft isn't putting it out for sale any longer you can still buy it.
Amazon or ebay.


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