AeroHeaven B17 I stalled but not showing up in FSX SE

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I bought a AeroHeaven B17 from SimMarket and downloaded it via a "Direct Download" link. 
As with previous aircraft I have successfully used the DDL and I ran the installer and sent it to SteamApps>common>FSX>DLC folder and clicked install but this particular airplane while successfully installed is not available to select from the aircraft selection screen in FSX SE. 

Subsequent attempts to reinstall I had delved deeper into the specific DLC folder such as SimObjects, and SimObjects>Airplanes still without ever being able to find the plane in the aircraft selection menu anywhere. 

using Win10 64bitOS 3.2ghz intel i7-8700 

please help and dumb it down I'm technoslow sometimes. I desperately want to fly my new B17

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Go to the tab where you choose what aircraft you wish to fly.
There is a box marked "show all variations" check that box.

The chances are that the aircraft is listed under a name that you least expect, happens often.
Good luck!

I take it that the Sim is on  your "C" drive.


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Checked all categories in aircraft selection very carefully. Plane is installed but missing. 

Does someone here have any experience with direct downloads issued from SimMarket for payware aircraft by AeroHeaven on their Win10 pc? 

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settings .... that may work, or if you just see a white plane with no paint, uncheck preview in direct x 10

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