Solving Jetway and Gate Number Visibility Issues in FSX-SE with GSX Volume 2

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Is there a way to get the Jetway and Gate Number to show up in FSX-SE? My GSX-SE allowed me to change the default to A - 6 and the Text String to A - 6, however the white preview square never fills. The *.ini's all show the change.
Port Huron

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Hello Mike from Port Huron,

Your query regarding the display of jetway and gate numbers in FSX-SE, particularly with the GSX Volume 2, is quite intriguing. You've mentioned a specific issue where the jetway and gate number, despite being set to "A - 6", does not appear in the preview square, and the changes are reflected in the *.ini files.

  1. Understanding the Core Issue: This problem seems to be related to the integration of GSX Volume 2 with FSX-SE. From my understanding, GSX Volume 2 enhances airport environments, including jetways. However, there are occasional glitches, especially when it comes to displaying specific details like jetway and gate numbers.
  2. Similar Experiences: Other users have faced related issues. For instance, some have reported problems with displaying jetway numbers at default airports, even after running the replace default jetways function in GSX. In some cases, airport-specific anomalies have been noted, such as blue backgrounds and white numbers appearing at all gates at certain airports.
  3. Default FSX Jetways: When using default FSX jetways, there have been instances where jetways stop functioning, refusing to move even with the correct key commands (CTRL + J). This issue has been linked to the airport's AFCAD file, but often the root cause remains unidentified.
  4. Troubleshooting Steps: Here are some steps you might want to try:
    1. Ensure your GSX and FSX-SE are updated to their latest versions.
    2. Check for any conflicting mods or scenery that might be affecting jetway functionality.
    3. Reinstall GSX Volume 2, ensuring to choose FSX-SE during the installation process.
    4. Review the AFCAD files for any discrepancies or errors.

The challenges you're facing are not uncommon in the flight simulation community. While GSX Volume 2 generally works seamlessly with FSX-SE, there are times when anomalies like these occur. It's often a matter of troubleshooting, checking for updates, and sometimes reaching out to the community or the support team for more tailored advice.

Moving Forward: If these suggestions don't resolve your issue, I recommend reaching out to the support team of GSX for more specialized assistance. They might have more insights specific to your problem.

Remember, flight simulation is a constantly evolving field, and while these glitches can be frustrating, they also offer opportunities for learning and community engagement.

I hope this helps, and feel free to follow up if you have more details or questions!

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