Virtavia A4 Skyhawk fsx-se missing autopilot panel

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Hi guys, I recently bought this plane and the dlc that comes with it. When I booted it up there were a few 2d panels, GPS, Radios and Autopilot. The first two work fine however the autopilot panel is blank, the popup square is there but no autopilot.I can still use autopilot in the plane but I would like to have the 2d panel popup. Is there a way I can configure this in the panel cfg? Any suggestions would be appreciated, thanks

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I found this elsewhere and don't know if it will work.

I'm not sure why that view option was left in. I recall discussion during development that it was felt that the Automatic Flight Control System (AFCS) panel on the left console covered everything (pages 32-33 of the manual) and we didn't need a popup. Easy fix is to comment out the "Window03" line in the panel.cfg file in the "Virtavia A-4 Skyhawk 0-1 Clean/panel" folder as shown below.[left]Code:[Window Titles]
Window00=Main Panel
Window01=Radio Stack
// Window03=Autopilot[/left]


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I will try that, thanks

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