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I had X-plane 9, but have been away from it for a couple of years.
I downloaded the x-plane 11 Demo, to see if it was worth buyng it.  I also have FSX.
So I take off from Boeing Field heading north to check out the scenery in Seattle, hmmm no Seattle.
Open up Google maps to see if I had remembered incorrectly.  Nope I was correct.
Take off again from Boeing heaqding north, nothing, somebody stole Seattle!
I turn to practice a landing anyway, all of a sudden right below me Seattle starts to apear.
I have a !-7 good GPU 32 G or Ram.
So I searched around, turned up all the Graphics setting, everything looks great!
BUT building only apear when I'm really close, is this just a DEMO thing, or is this normal?
Because this is not acceptable to me, I don't want to see a flat field where a city should be.

Only fix I found was to change a bunch of individual files.

Any information would be appreciated.

Thank you

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