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I'm trying to find the casinos in Atlantic City, but I can't. Are they included in FS9?

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I don't see the casinos ether.
There are allot of things missing in the FS9.
There are very fue lighthouses in the game
Like Mont auk and Fire Island light houses,
This bothers me as if I was flying a VFR flight and you need These lighthouses to find your location.
One more thing if you fly into KFLL you will see 4 smoke stacks on the North east end of runway 9L.In the FS they are lined up from south to North.
This has been this way in FS 200,2K2 and FS9.For real they are a FPL
power plant.
They are Lind up from east to west,
There is a good scenery down load in Flifgrsin,com that fixes this problem

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The casinos at Atlantic City have not been programmed into the flight sim. They use generic bulidings for the downtown area.

Even more glaring is the absence of the boardwalk and the piers. The boardwalk is the most famous feature of ACY, and it is not in the sim. Also, none of the piers are in there either. The "Steel Pier" is and/or was a famous landmark for the city, but there are no piers in the flight sim.

Someone should ask Bill Gates to make sure that they are in the next version of Flight Simulator. 😎

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