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Hey folks
Total noob to Xplane 11, using it to supplement my real world RPL training in Lilydale, Victoria, Australia. I specifically subscribed to Fly Away so I could get the files required to make my training area more realistic, but I've had some issues.
So, I downloaded the following: 
3 x Xplane 11 HD Mesh V4 for Australia - I grabbed the 3 sets that covered all of Victoria
1 x Australia Complete Photoreal XP11 pack

I installed the meshes without any problems - started the game, and was impressed at the increase in detail. It still lacked some of the major landmarks we use for navigation though, so I then installed the Australia Complete Photoreal pack.

First problem - there are no installation instructions included in the download, contrary to what is stated on the download page. So I then used this video to install the files:

It appeared to be a simple case of copying the extracted folders into the Custom Scenery folder, which gave me this file structure:

Started up Xplane, selected my airfield, and hit go - after loading, but before flying, I got an error stating that it couldn't find certain files in the NSW region of Australia, and Xplane then quit out.

I'd really like to get this working properly. Any ideas on what I've done wrong?

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Hi, like you I'm a relative newcomer to X-Plane but I'd like to try and help. Your Custom Scenery folder contents look fine, depending upon what is actually in the sub-folders of course. Which airfield were you trying to fly out of ?
Could you send me a screenshot of the error message that X-Plane is displaying before it quits? Also, do you know where to find the log file that x-plane generates after every session and could you send that as well ?   Regards David

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