FSX-SE Ghost in the machine?

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More of a statement I suppose, my installation of FSX-SE 3 times now trying to sort out discrepancies always with default aircraft never any add ons it never works the same NEVER. sometimes one prop on a twin seems static at idle. next time all good and between variations as well. one time engines are already running next time engines are not CTRL-E works to half start one engine the screen of course prompts me that the other engine needs starting and when I do it shuts down engine one which was only half started anyway.

Oh! somewhere in the middle of the above paragraph I wanted to add that one time Garmin is up and running next time nada regardless of whether the engines are running and whether avionics is on or not.Now this is where it gets interesting, I can and have removed an aircraft completely (I have also as I mentioned above completely reinstalled FSX-SE 3 times) recopied the original I have a few backups, everything is either fine all works as it should or it doesn't it's like flipping a quarter only the odds aren't as good.

So in conclusion I have givin up trying to sort out the anomolies there are just too many inconsistancies, I guess I am really more interested in whether my installation/computer is just haunted or if others have experienced this or a similar phenomenon, and of course how or if you delt with it,

Windows 10 Pro
Intel i3-9100F CPU @ 3.60GHz 4.20GHz
AMD Radeon R9 380 Series 4GB
P.S. I have as well completly reloaded windows in case anyone is interested. (I know I know ....I have way too much time on my hands)

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If you have done a fresh install of Windows then installed FSX (and still have a problem) there has to be a program interfering with FSX.
It's usually the antivirus but others can and have been the culprit.


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I will give it a go! Thank You Captain 😎

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