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I am trying to down load HD Mesh V4 Complete as a pro member. Download is estimated at 25 hours now! It is downloading at 1.4 mBits/sec........this is slower than non member download speed. I have a moderate internet speed at 30 M/bits a sec.......the problem is not at my end as a ping test shows. Where is this file being downloaded from? I see others have had the same problem. I dont mind paying for pro least make it better than no pro member service.

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Now, 1 hour later, it is even slower.....estimated download time 2 days! C'mon....are you having server problems? 

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I'm a member responding. Did it finish DLing? If not, are you on WIFI or connecting straight to a router? I had no trouble but I have a 1 gig fiber connection via CAT6. If you cannot DL the entire package, try the individual ones like all of North America first. For better installation notes:

X-Plane 11 UHD Mesh Scenery v4 (



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