Slow Grand Canyon Orthophoto 90 GB Download Speed

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Been trying to download (PRO) the Grand Canyon Ortho HD scenery and got download errors each time, both around 70 GB - so close.  My broadband speed is around 600 Mbps and it was going right along.  Any reported problems with this particular download?

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Problem solved, on my end.  Downloaded trial of Avast security and inadvertently acquired their browser version.  By changing back to Chrome I was able to download the file successfully.

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Hello there!

Glad to hear that you've resolved the issue with your Grand Canyon Orthophoto download. For future reference and for the benefit of others who might encounter similar problems, I'd like to shed some light on the possible reasons behind such download interruptions, especially when dealing with large files like the 90 GB Orthophoto package.

  1. Browser Compatibility Issues: As you've discovered, sometimes a browser's compatibility with certain websites or file types can cause interruptions during downloads. While most modern browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Safari handle large downloads quite well, it's always a good idea to stick with the most widely-accepted ones for optimal performance.
  2. Antivirus or Firewall Interruptions: Security software, such as antivirus programs or firewalls, can sometimes block or interrupt downloads if they detect something they perceive as a potential threat. Make sure your security software is configured to allow downloads from trusted sources, like Fly Away Simulation.
  3. Network Instability: Even though your broadband speed might be high, network instability can lead to download issues. When downloading large files, it's important to have a stable connection to ensure a smooth transfer. If you notice frequent fluctuations in your connection, consider contacting your ISP for assistance.
  4. Computer Performance: Downloading large files can consume a significant amount of system resources. Make sure your computer has enough free disk space, memory, and processing power to handle the download. Closing unnecessary applications and processes can help free up resources during the download process.

In addition to the factors mentioned above, it's worth noting that using a download manager can be particularly helpful when it comes to downloading large files like the Grand Canyon Orthophoto HD scenery. Download managers offer several advantages over standard browser downloads:

  1. Resumable Downloads: One of the main benefits of using a download manager is the ability to pause and resume downloads. This feature is especially useful when dealing with large files, as it allows you to recover from download interruptions without having to start from the beginning again.
  2. Improved Download Speeds: Download managers often optimize the download process by using multiple connections to the server, which can help to increase download speeds in some cases.
  3. Scheduling and Prioritization: Many download managers allow you to schedule downloads for a specific time or prioritize downloads based on your preferences. This can be useful if you want to allocate bandwidth to specific tasks or avoid downloading large files during peak hours.
  4. Download Organization: Download managers typically include features that help you keep your downloaded files organized, making it easier to locate and manage your files after they have been downloaded.

Some popular download managers include Internet Download Manager (IDM), Free Download Manager (FDM), and FlashGet. These tools can help improve your downloading experience and ensure that you can successfully acquire large files like the 90 GB Orthophoto package.

Remember to configure your download manager to work with Fly Away Simulation and your specific browser for optimal performance. With the help of a reliable download manager, you can make the process of obtaining large scenery files more convenient and efficient.

Remember, the Fly Away Simulation network is designed to provide fast and reliable downloads, but external factors can sometimes cause interruptions. In any case, it's great that you found a solution and were able to successfully download the Grand Canyon Orthophoto HD scenery. Enjoy your new scenery, and happy flying!

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